You are already thinking and probably setting new goals for the new year. New diets, more sport, less chocolate, less unnecessary things… what else… ah yes, the other 100 things you are promising to yourself.

Forget them all and let me save you some time. I can tell you that you are doing something wrong. Luckily for you, this post is here to help you now, at the very beginning of the new year so it is still not too late for doing some changes. 

Where are your numbers?

The typical one: ‘’I want to lose/gain weight’’ And then I ask myself… When do you want to reach this? How many kilos? Follow this simple rule. No numbers, no goal.

What about this one: ‘’I want to lose/gain 8 kg before the 1st of May’’ Sounds more realistic right? This simple rule will help you a lot to be precise and accurate in the time. 

Are you ambitious enough?

I am very good making this mistake. Either not being ambitious enough or sometimes believing I can achieve the hardest goals just snapping a finger.

There is always this line in between. If you set this goal here or not too far, it would be great. However, my recommendation is that if you are hesitating, try to set a goal which is a little bit ambitious rather than something easy to achieve. Let’s bring some motivation and effort to the table.


A little reminder: The year has 365 days

We also tend to speak about the new year as something that lasts barely a few days. Are you aware of how many things can you do in 12 months? Do not make the mistake of setting goals for December. Be smart and make a plan. If you want to save 1000€ by December 2018, set a small fixed amount every month. If you want to eat 5 pieces of fruit per day, do not run into the supermarket and buy them as crazy. Maybe start eating 2 per day during the first 2 months. I guess you get the idea.

Be creative.

I still remember the time when I wanted to spend less money on clothes, most of the time things that I did not need but I got attracted by trends and stupid offers. My way of beating this was just by buying more. Yes, probably you were not thinking about this solution.

I went to a store and I bought 7 basic t-shirts to wear during the week. Then on the weekend, I was free to wear anything I wanted. Setting this rule for myself worked perfectly. Maybe you are thinking that this would never work in your case, and that is very ok but it does for me.

Just remember that you need to be creative and personal. Maybe you will fail at the beginning but once you have the right formula, stay with it and use it before trying tricks from some other people.

So now you know what to do.

Don’t try to set new goals this new year. Set SMART goals, is not the same. It is far from being the same. You can also call it MARTE in Spanish.

Specific                       Medible

Measurable                  Alcanzable

Achievable                   Retador

Realistic                      Temporal

Timely                         Específico

Now you are allowed to take your notebook, delete your goals and write the real objectives of this New Year!