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We offer quality recruitment solutions.


Blu Selection is an international recruitment agency based in Barcelona dedicated to connecting international candidates and companies.

They say “No one likes recruiters”. We understand why and that’s the reason we do it differently. The positivity we receive every day encourages us to keep going that way. No old-school biases, only eagerness to change things for the better, fresh ideas and a start-up mindset.

We are transparent and supportive in our communication; we are a team of expats and experts who understand their candidates and their challenges. What we care about most is to provide a quality service to both our candidates and clients and to do recruitment as it should be done.

Take the Experience, We Manage Your Career.

Either you decided to leave your comfort zone and started looking for a job abroad or you are already a long-term expat trying to find your new challenge. That’s why you are here, right? You made a good choice if you also think it is easier to step forward when you work with people who understand you.

Let's Be Partners in Recruitment!

Are you looking for international and multilingual candidates for your new projects? Do you have a new project with a tight deadline? As a team of experts, we cover your needs but we are more than this. We are not your regular recruitment agency, contact us to find out how we change the way you recruit.

We are blu selection.




we select.

Finding the right candidate with necessary skills, background and mindset for a specific position requires expertise. Finding the right job that will fulfil one’s needs and nourish their abilities requires expertise and empathy. That’s where we stand when we make the Blu Selection.  

we connect.

We invest all the necessary time to learn the most about the companies we work with and our candidates beyond their CVs. Not random connections that could be lost on the way but meaningful ones to provide a healthy and long-term career path.

we repeat.

You know what this last element stands for. You repeat a cycle you know that it fulfils your needs and you enjoy doing it. Every single candidate we select and connect with their new careers gives us a motivation to continue what we love to do.




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