Play in an escape room and be recruited.

Innovation and creativity are booming in some people’s mind. A lot of people critique the HR industry because of lack of innovation and new techniques to engage the current generation.

This is not a general rule. A lot of companies are really making an effort to make you experience a whole situation where you will have to prove your deepest skills.

Have you built a kitchen in a selection process for IKEA?
Have you found one of the secret job ads of Apple on the internet?
Companies advertising on Tinder?
Have you ever had one of those questions that you would have never expected?
Have you ever used Lego blocks at a job interview?
Job offers hidden within video games?

Maybe the industry is more creative than it seems to be. If you have experienced any of the previous situations, you probably know that it is also possible to have fun during a recruitment process and to be professional at the same time.

We have been following the latest trends and we have found one of the most creative and innovative techniques recently seen. Scape rooms! Everybody is loving these new entertainment activities. You get locked in a room and you need to solve an enigma in order to ‘beat’ the room and resolve the problem. Scary ones, Jails, Movie based… the options are really plenty and you can really have a great experience of humor, challenge and sometimes stress at the same time.

A variety of companies have seen here a great opportunity. They are using this activity as a perfect opportunity to develop a selection process.  If you think about it, it is a very good way for companies to identify a lot of in-situ qualities of a group of people. When you participate in this experience, you normally never know what is happening or what is going to happen. That is the most interesting part of the activity. This is why most of the reactions you have are very natural and you get challenged by unexpected problems that you have to solve or help your colleagues to solve them. This is why companies got very interested in this kind of activities.

Most of the jobs require always cross-functional skills that you can show only when it comes to an unexpected situation. For example, at a normal job interview you can speak about what you can do and what you know but in this way, you can actually show how you manage unexpected and stressful situations.

We believe this will not replace a whole recruitment process. But it is definitely a very good way to start. Is it a great idea to innovate. If for any reason, unfortunately, you do not get the job, at least for sure you will say you had a nice experience in the selection process and most probably you will learn something about yourself.