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Portable Public Transport Guide Barcelona 2018.


Last year we made a full article about how Public Transport works in Barcelona, and it was a big success. Today, we are sharing with you an updated version with all the information you need. Ah! and one more thing, this time you can download it to have access to it always offline wherever you go.


Metro, Bus, Renfe, Aerobus, Bicing, Prices… but also new transport ways important to consider if you are going to spend some time in Barcelona. Yugo, Ecooltra, Uber, Cabify… You will have no lack of information after reading this article!

Let’s Begin!

1. Traditional Services of Public Transport.

The following services are the most common and established in Barcelona for a while already. Take a look at the maps and the prices here:

Barcelona Metro & Bus – TMB




Single bus ticketThis ticket is valid for one bus journey only. Price: €2.20 

T-10A multi-person travel card allowing 10 journeys to be made by all operators in the Integrated Fare System. Price: 1 zone / From €10.20

T-50/30An individual travel card allowing 50 journeys to be made over 30 days on all operators in the Integrated Fare System. Price: 1 zone / From €43.50

T-Mes (Monthly travel card): A holder-specific travel card allowing unlimited journeys to be made for one month on all operators in the Integrated Fare System. Price: 1 zone / From €54

T-TrimestreA holder-specific travel card allowing unlimited journeys to be made over 90 days on all operators in the Integrated Fare System. Price: 1 zone / From €145,30

T-Jove (Young person’s travel card) (very popular): Under 25s can use this travel card to make unlimited journeys over 90 days on all operators in the integrated transport system. Price: 1 zone / From €105

T-70/30A multi-person travel card allowing 70 journeys to be made over 30 days on all operators in the integrated transport system. Price: 1 zone / From €60,90

T-Mes FM/FN general (only with a NIE number): The advantages of the T-Mes at a special price for general-type large and single-parent families. Price: 1 zone / From €43.20

Important Information: 

The metro system in Barcelona is very well connected and waiting times are usually not longer than 5 to 10 minutes. During the week, it runs from 5 AM until midnight, Fridays from 5 AM until 2 AM and Saturdays from 5 AM until Sunday at midnight.

If you want to look at the city while getting from one place to another, the bus is the best solution. It comes every 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the line and time of the day, and is usually on time, depending on the traffic. Entering the bus is done through the front door in order to validate the ticket at one of the ticket validating machines. Be careful always to walk towards the end of the bus, otherwise, the other passengers who want to come in will not have room.


The Barcelona Metro Map

Download Photo

The Barcelona Bus Map

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Rodalies de Cataluña – Go further.

Use these trains to reach the cities and areas surrounding Barcelona. They are fast and will take you to great places that you must visit.  More than 15 lines that will make your life easier especially if you want to live/work outside the center. 

Plan your trip:

Bicing de Barcelona – Go healthier.

The popular Bicing Service of Barcelona is used every day for thousands of people. It has more than 10 years and the cities and been changing to adapt to these vehicles creating a large road with several kilometers to make it easier and more attractive for the users. For only 47€ / year you can have access to more than 450 stations in the city and more than 6.000 bikes. It is important to mention that this service is created for people who normally live in Barcelona. In order to get access to it, you will need a NIE number and you will receive your card in around 10 days.

More information about this service here.

Aerobus A1 & A2 – The Easiest Way to Get to the Airport.

Either if you plan to come or to leave the city, this will be probably the most convenient way to commute between the center and the two terminals of the airport. Each trip cost 5,90€ but it will take you directly to the airport or to the city center in Plaça Catalunya in 30 minutes. It works every day of the year and normally there is a bus every 5 minutes.

2. Alternative New Services of Transport

During the past years, and due to a fast-changing world of technology and growth, new services are booming in the city to offer new alternatives to the users. Check here the most famous right now.

Yugo & Ecooltra – Electric Scooters.

These services are getting quite famous in the Mediterranean city. It is a fast and convenient way to arrive fast almost anywhere in the city. The way it works is also very easy. You normally pay around 0,20€ / minute and the money is directly deducted from your card. You can cross the whole city for around 5-6€ and you can see much more than traveling by metro for example.

The only thing you need is your smartphone and the correspondent App for it. The most famous platforms right now are Yugo & Ecooltra.

Take a look at their websites here: 

The instructions to use them are more or less the same.

1. Download the App you want.
2. Create an account in 5 minutes and validate your driver’s license.
3. Look for the closest scooter (And check it has enough battery!)
4. Book it and get there before 15 minutes.
5. Activate your scooter and open the two helmets compartment with your phone.
6. Drive to your destination!

Cabify, Uber & MyTaxi – Car Rides.

Most of the people know the already popular services for getting a ride with your smartphone. All these service are a great choice when you need to get somewhere fast and safe. Some of them are providing extra services as Wifi in the car, free drinks & more.

3. Download the Transport Guide of Barcelona 2018

We decided to offer this information as a light document you can save in your phone. We understand you might not always have access to your network or wifi, so do not hesitate in saving it or sharing it with your friends!