Festes de la Mercè Barcelona 2017

As every year, this weekend Festes de la Mercè will arrive again in Barcelona! We want you to know the meaning of this local party and what to do during the celebration.

The legend tells that on the night of 24 September 1218, the Virgin appeared simultaneously to King Jaume I, Saint Pere Nolasc and Saint Ramón de Penyafort. She asked all three to create an order of monks dedicated to saving Christians prisoners of the Saracens. It was the time of the wars of religion. Currently, it is one of the most beloved and waited days from Barcelona citizens.

During the Mercè Festival, you can enjoy a compendium of popular culture from all over Catalonia: dance, circus and theatre on the street. Like Sardanes (typical Catalan dance), the human castles and devils from the Camp of Tarragona, dances that still survive today all over the Catalan lands. The streets are crowded and you can discover hundreds of parades, creating a spectacular procession. The organisation of the street parades relies on groups representing popular culture working side by side with the street artists. Their main task means consist of keeping alive the festive and theatrical spirit that these events have always had.

Nowadays, it is a festival held in a large number of public places with a programme centred on Mediterranean culture. In less than a week Barcelona brings together a huge programme of events which forces you to choose between them: street arts, street processions, concerts, traditional dances…

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