A Small Guide To Successfully Returning To Work After Summer Holidays.


September has come, and we all know what it means. Beach days are over and it’s time to go back to work. It could sound like worst news ever but let’s face it, holidays can’t last forever and this is what makes them so special.

Of course it is not easy to work it out, as you will experience what is known as “post-vacation blues”. It is not really a term recognized in the medical world, but anyone who has experienced it perfectly knows how real the feeling can be. Some experts say it is caused by extra stress on the body, and by the switching from the feelings of joy and freedom to the struggle of catching up with tons of emails.

In order to make it a little bit less shocking, we prepared some advice for the “coming back to school” moment.


Get To Work Earlier.

On your first day back, do your best to arrive at work a bit early. You will be struggling at first, but it will give you time to realize and accept the fact that you’re no longer on vacation. It’s also a good way to avoid traffic and not get anxious because of the chaos of commuting. Finally, you’ll get some quiet time in the office to make a coffee and tidy your desk before everybody comes. 


Take Your Time.

You will probably have too much work to catch up on so don’t rush, prioritize your tasks instead. Spend a consistent part of your first day choosing what’s urgent and what’s not and don’t take on anything new. By doing so, you will manage to get back in the swing of things. Schedule a few tasks that you like to make your return a little bit more enjoyable.



Get Ready For Work The Night Before.

Don’t get stressed as first thing in the morning. Avoid being on a rush by making a small plan about what to wear and what you need including your purse, bag, keys, etc. Having everything under control will help you to get ready for work really fast without unnecessary stress.



Set New Goals.

Remember that it is always important to have a long-term goal to look after. It gives you motivation and shows what your hard work is worth for.

Learn something new is always a good idea. You will not get bored and you’ll have a challenge that will be useful for your future and for your career.



Arrange Something Nice For Lunch.

 Breaks are really important to refresh your brain, especially when coming back from a holiday where you probably had delicious meals in stunning locations. Try to plan your lunch outside of the office, treat yourself. Maybe go to an exotic restaurant or cook yourself something nice and have a picnic at the park. Don’t be afraid of calories, desserts can really lighten up your day.



Listen To Some Music.

When possible, is always a great idea. Find the right playlist. Should be something you like, something relaxing and not too loud so that it can transmit positive vibes and a sense of calmness. But be careful, choose something that will keep you from falling asleep at your desk and that will enable you to stay focused and be productive.



Catch Up With Your Colleagues.

When coming back to work after the holidays you should always speak to everyone and ask for any news or changes in their life or about the workplace. Getting along with colleagues and make some friends can significantly improve your work experience. You will feel a sense of belonging and you will perform better results by helping each other. 



Embrace The Blues.

Last but not least, don’t be afraid of a small amount of negativity in your life. Even the people who are always positive need some mood switching in their lives. It reminds you that you’re human, you have feelings and they can’t always be good. Just don’t’ let it bring you down, face the fact that you will feel a bit lost for a while but you will get better eventually. You should see it as a necessary stage in your life path. 



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