There is something different these days… more people, more cars and bikes, some stressed faces around… it is here. The post-vacation syndrome is here. Most of the people in Spain are taking their holidays in August. This means that you have probably noticed how everything was less crowded, some stores were closed and sometimes even the volume of work decreased for a few days.

But in the transition September-October, everything is back to life. People are still concentrated in the beach and the free time of the holidays but now the routine is here again.

Definitely not the best period of the year. However, we want to show you that not everything is negative, and there is actually a cure for this. Keep reading and find some tips to survive this period.

  1. Avoid being in a rush.

Suddenly it seems like every morning is a race to see how is the first one taking the train, or the first one getting a bike, or the first one taking a seat on the bus. If you imagine this as a race, be smart. There is no rule saying that you cannot leave your place 10 minutes earlier. Instead of having the time measured, try to have a gap always in mind and you will avoid an unnecessary crisis that will make you start the day with negativity and stress.

  1. Stay human and polite.

We know… it seems like sometimes people leave their humanity behind for getting a seat in the metro. Just do not act like them if you copy this kind of habits you will be part of an endless chain. Break with this. Offer your place to people who need it more and you will start a brand new different chain. Be human and you will get paid with a few smiles giving you extra positivity in the morning.

  1. Look at the front.

It is true. We all check our phones in the morning and we like to use the headphones to listen to music in the public transport. You can still do it but do not forget you are still in the real world. It is perfect to check all your social media networks but pay attention around you.

  1. Read the news.

Newspaper, apps, it does not matter how but it is normally a good moment to read and be informed about what is happening around you. A lot of people have this habit already. Do you?

  1. Go to the beach.

This period is still warm in Barcelona. Just the season is called autumn now but you can still go and relax at the beach.

  1. Check your favorite events.

A lot of events or activities are focused in the summer but also some others are taking a break in this period. This means that now is when they are back to action. Check again the schedules.

  1. Go to a rooftop party.

It is normally the last month until next year when you can sit and enjoy the view in a terrace. There are plenty of hotels and buildings where you can go to have a drink before the cold and the rain comes again.


Remember to practice this every day. Positivity is the best cure for stress!