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Olivia Buhlmann .

Managing Director

Back in 2010, I got my first job as a Headhunter! The title sounded exciting, but I didn't know much more!
I had an amazing experience in recruitment, where I have learnt tons of things, had tons of funny stories and as importantly, I realized how fun and hard work go so well together. Eventually, I decided to go back to Barcelona. I asked myself how my career would evolve, and from there, Blu Selection was born. A journey fuelled by amazing people and a teamwork that makes Blu Selection the success it is today.

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Florian Jost .

Business Manager

I joined Blu Selection in 2014 as one of the first interns. Thanks to my experience I gained at the German student organization AIESEC, I was able to apply my recruitment skills directly during my internship. After eight months in Barcelona, I saw a huge potential in this start-up and decided to return after finishing my Bachelor in International Management.
I have come to notice in the past few years a remarkable evolution of the company and the professionalism of our team in its ability to transform the old ideology of what recruitment really means.

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Büşra Şavlı.

Marketing & Innovation Manager

The first week back at Istanbul just after an amazing summer in Barcelona, I found myself searching for another experience related to my degrees and experiences in the fields of media, communication, and psychology. However, those famous automated answers made me realized how the job finding process can actually harm one’s self-confident. Then I met Blu Selection and felt a sudden connection with the team and the values of the company after personally experiencing how a humanly touch in the recruitment process makes such a difference. Now knowing that our whole team works hard with a great passion to help others to gain new experiences, I’m eagerly working to #makethebluexperience.

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Julie Van Cutsem photo

Marie Verpilleux .

Recruitment Consultant

After years of extensive travels, visiting over 60 countries and working in some of them as a reporter, from London, Istanbul, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Gabon, to Mauritius, and Australia, I eventually went back to Paris, where I became an English teacher for Bachelor’s and Master’s students. However, I was missing some key elements and I finally settled down in sunny and vibrant Barcelona for good.
Needless to say, I have a passion for people, foreign cultures, as well as languages, and I was looking for a career path that would allow me to blend all these ingredients together while changing some people’s lives. That is why I am now a proud recruitment consultant at Blu Selection, a young and international fast-growing company with strong and ethical core values.

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Helene de Pierrefeu Photo

Valeria Tereshchenko .

Recruitment Consultant

A year ago, during my Hospitality MIT in the United States, by chance, I got to try myself in the role of Recruiter. This was a turning point in my career and it was when I took the decision to look for recruitment opportunities back in Europe.
The international orientation of Blu Selection caught my eye since I have always truly enjoyed working in an international environment and living in Barcelona definitely sounded like the perfect future journey for me.
After meeting the team of young, energetic and highly motivated professionals of Blu Selection, I knew that it would be a perfect match.
Today I am happy to be able to create the #makethebluexperience for both, international companies and multilingual professionals from around the world.

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Louis Goulaieff .

Recruitment Consultant

Eager to discover a new city and new people, I decided to apply to Blu Selection. 3 days after my application, I was enrolled, and here I am: speaking English and Spanish all day long under the warm sun of the Catalan capital, what a dream!
Being a Recruitment Consultant at Blu Selection allows you to meet people from all walks of life, with their own original story and background. It is very rewarding to know that you have helped these people finding a new international job and to create unique memories!

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Claudia Bonura .

Recruitment Consultant

After spending almost three years living and working in Ireland, I still felt the need to continue traveling and discovering other cultures. So I thought: why not moving to the beautiful and sunny Barcelona? And here I am!
When I decided to join the Blu Selection team I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me, as I could combine my willing to move to Spain with my interest in the recruitment field, that I gained during my previous work experience in Ireland. Their values, energy, and passion seemed to be the perfect match for me.
Now I am happy to be able to say that I am a recruitment consultant and, most of all, excited to be part of this great team: together we will help people to find new exciting international career opportunities!

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Helene de Pierrefeu Photo

Ilona Aliyeva .

Recruitment Consultant

After living in Bali, working in Amsterdam and traveling in whole Asia a lot of my boxes were ticked. Living in Germany was after that not an option anymore, so I decided to move to Barcelona. I have been visiting the city so often as a tourist, but you never get the chance to explore a culture fully, if you haven’t been living there.
With my Bachelor in Economic Science and my working experience in the field recruitment and sales I started to search for the right fit. Personally, it was more important for me to work in an open-minded, professional and equal environment with friendly co-workers. I found that with Blu selection.
Do what you love and you will never work again – #makethebluexperience

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Helene de Pierrefeu Photo

Laura Heßler .

Recruitment Consultant

After finishing my Bachelor of Business and Economics in Germany I was looking for an opportunity to boost my self-development and getting out of my comfort zone.
Thanks to my almost two years of experience as Vice President of Talent Management in a Local Committee of the German student organization AIESEC I knew that I was highly interested in working in the field of recruitment.
By chance, I found the opportunity to work for Blu Selection and felt immediately connected to their values and spirit.
Today I am living in the beautiful City of Barcelona, working in a job that connects me with the most diverse characters and challenges me every day.

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