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Olivia Buhlmann Photo

Olivia Buhlmann .

Managing Director

Back in 2010, I got my first job as a Headhunter! The title sounded exciting, but I didn’t know much more!
I had an amazing experience in recruitment, where I have learnt tons of things, had tons of funny stories and as importantly, I realized how fun and hard work goes so well together. Eventually, I decided to go back to Barcelona. I asked myself how my career would evolve, and from there, Blu Selection was born. A journey fuelled by amazing people and a teamwork that makes Blu Selection the success it is today.

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Florian Jost Photo

Florian Jost .

Business Manager

I joined Blu Selection in 2014 as one of the first interns. Thanks to my experience I gained at the German student organization AIESEC, I was able to apply my recruitment skills directly during my internship. After eight months in Barcelona, I saw a huge potential in this start-up and decided to return after finishing my Bachelor in International Management.
I have come to notice in the past few years a remarkable evolution of the company and the professionalism of our team in its ability to transform the old ideology of what recruitment really means.

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Jorge Grupeli Photo

Jorge Grupeli .

Marketing & Innovation Manager

I completed my studies in Denmark and then returned to my home country full of motivation and new ideas. I joined the Blu team in 2016 and was quickly amazed of such a small group of motivated professionals!
I am responsible for the Marketing and Digital components of Blu Selection and aim to share with people what means to #makethebluexperience.

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Julie Van Cutsem photo

Julie van Cutsem .

Recruitment Manager

When I finished my studies, I knew that having an experience abroad was very important for me. I began looking for an internship came across this opportunity at Blu Selection. I was very excited to have the opportunity to go to Barcelona for six months. During this internship, I realised that Blu Selection was offering me everything that I was looking for in a job and in a company.
After two years with the company, I am privileged to work with these professional, highly motivated and fun people who always try their best to give the best and who are make my Blu experience complete.

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Malgorzata Kopys Photo

Malgorzata Kopys .

Recruitment Consultant

When I finished my engineering studies, I had to make a difficult decision whether to continue my career as an engineer or do what I really liked which is HR. As I am passionate about travelling, I was looking for a new challenge abroad.
I found this job opportunity in Barcelona and decided to follow my dreams. I could not be luckier to be a part of the most positive, hard-working and open-minded team which makes Blu Selection a perfect company to work for.

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Juozas Vaicikauskas Photo

Juozas Vaicikauskas .

Recruitment Consultant

Even though I was building a successful career in my home country of Lithuania, the desire to move abroad to gain international experience was too strong. The values of Blu Selection matched greatly with the ones I hold myself, so my decision to come to Barcelona held no reservations.
I am currently working on creating a long-term relationship with our business clients all across Europe and I am tasked with executing the entire recruitment process from start to finish.

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Helene de Pierrefeu Photo

Hélène de Pierrefeu.

Recruitment Consultant

After dedicating my studies and previous experiences to politics and international relations, I decided to steer along a different, but very exciting path!

While I was searching for new opportunities, I randomly came across Blu Selection’s profile, and I sensed something special about the team itself and their work ethics.

Once the opportunity arose, I didn’t hesitate one bit to join the Blu team and live the Blu experience myself. It’s been extremely refreshing and eye-opening to be working with such a dedicated and innovative group of people.

This new challenge has already proven to be a wonderful learning experience! And I have no doubt it will only get better.

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Juozas Vaicikauskas Photo

Marta Bolognesi .

Recruitment Consultant

I started to look for my first work experience even before I finished my master thesis in Cultural Mediation in Milan.
After my experience in AIESEC Italy, I found out that I wanted to know more about Human Resources.
At Blu Selection, I have found a young and dynamic environment, where I can gain more skills and work together with talented young experts.
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Helene de Pierrefeu Photo

Sara Chiricallo.

Recruitment Consultant

After my four years of university in Marketing and Management at Edinburgh Napier University, I decided that I had enough of the Scottish weather and I  was ready for a sunny new experience abroad. 
I always felt I had a strong aptitude in connecting with people and deeply understanding them, that is why I’m now part of the BluSelection team! 
Here, I found what I was looking for! A new challenge in a professional International Recruitment company where motivation and passion are the main success factors. I like being part of a young team which is built on honesty and respect. 
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