The 5 Videos that will make you want

to move to Barcelona Right Now.

If you are like me and you like to see reviews, opinions and unboxings in advance of the thing you are planning to buy, there is also the possibility that you use Youtube/Vimeo a lot.
It is always a great source of information when we are about taking an important decision. And what is more important to decide that the place where you will live. 

Luckily, we live at this age where we can paint a clear picture of the things we have access to even before they happen.  Why not doing the same to preview how would your life look like in your next destination? We have searched for some of the nicest videos to show you how living in Barcelona looks like. Just make sure you have your suitcase ready… cause you might want to come right after watching them all.

Enjoy the trip!

Barcelona in Flow Motion

At this video called Barcelona GO! you can explore the city in a very different way. This photographer is using a technique called Flow Motion to totally transport you to the Mediterranean city of Spain.  Winner of the Gold prize at Timelapse Showfest 2014.

363 hours work to make this masterpiece!

25 Things to do in Barcelona

Described as vibrant, stylish and addicting. Make yourself comfortable and take a look at these 25 things to do in Barcelona from a foreign perspective. Explore together Barcelona, Gothic, La Rambla and much more.
A very complete experience with the most important and touristic areas of the city to not miss any attraction.

Barcelona in Winter

A different video to you that Barcelona is not only beach and sun the whole year. Enjoy the city from another perspective and in a different period of the year. Let the video guide you through these 5 days in the city during the off-season.

This is what you can expect from the Spanish winter!

How Living & Working in Barcelona looks like?

People from other places tend to think that in Barcelona there is just sun and we work from the beach! But the reality is that life can be also very intense here. However, although you can work hard during the year, it is true that especially during the summer your life will be much more fun. Having the sea 15 minutes walking from work is definitely a plus. 

Just see it by yourself with this video and #makethebluexperience

Top 5 Foods to eat in Barcelona

And for all the foodies around the world, you must know that if you are a real food lover, Spain is the country where your happiness will reach its limits. Paella, Tapas, Crema Catalana, Churros, Pinchos, Calçots… the list never ends.

Bring some extra space in your stomach to fully experience the Mediterranean diet by yourself.