How will you #PressForProgress in #IWD2018 March 8?

“Alone we can do so little , together we can do so much ” – Helen Keller

After the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report findings, the results were showing that gender equality is over 200 years away. This is the main reason to continue this race for a common objective. It is not something to ignore, it is something to fight for. Movements like #MeToo#TimesUp and more, are already heading and inspiring this cause.

Happily, there are several movements or individuals, companies and organizations taking the necessary steps to push forward this rights day by day. Today, more than ever, there is a call to positivism, motivation and progress. An invitation to think, act, inspire and be.

International Women’s Day is a Worldwide situation. Something that concerns to all of us and therefore we can all play a part. Both small and big initiatives will join a global pacific fighting  of words, thoughts and feelings.

The 5 Behaviours in this Race for Gender Parity.

”I will … Maintain a Gender Parity Mindset”

”I will … Challenge Stereotypes and bias”

”I will … Forge Positive Visibility for Women”

”I will … Influence other’s Beliefs /Actions”

”I will … Celebrate Women’s Achievements”

Main Areas of Action in #IWD2018.

Blu Selection #PressForProgress

We are proud of having 6/9 women forming our team with the Managing Director among them. Eloise, Emilija, Helene, Julie, Malgorzata & Olivia.

Working in HR always offers you an interesting perspective to understand the current situation of women in terms of gender parity and equality. For us, this is something important to keep present every single day in both our private and professional lives. We always put a strong effort to select the people who join our team. We always say that we hire by personality and not because of experience.

We believe that people working in HR must have a specific gift for people. When you somehow have in your hands the power of changing people’s lives, you must know what is really important and some values are mandatory to deal with these situations. You must be someone who understands your responsibilities, a person with sensibility and open-minded among other important values.


Individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean. 

We believe we all have the power of making a difference, especially when we live in such a connected and fast-changing world.

Blu Selection is working together with Wominfinity.  Founded in January 2018, Wominfinity aims to organize or participate in cultural events, sports, social, highlighting the complementarity natural man woman.
They have also put in place an active networking system allowing companies to design their relationships differently.