“Why Should We Hire You?” How To Successfully Answer.

“Why Should We Hire You”.  This has proven to be one of the most common interview questions people get asked. 
Despite being such a tricky question, it is actually a great opportunity to point out why you would be a good fit for the position and the company. You’ll be able to talk about yourself, your abilities and to impress your interviewer.

There are different ways of dealing with this question.


One way is to explain to the hiring manager, not only why you want to work for them and what’s in it for you but also what benefits could the company get from choosing you. Point out how hiring you would be a win-win situation for both of you. Try to sell yourself as a great asset for them and show yourself enthusiastic and proactive toward the job. Of course, don’t fall in the mistake of focusing only on one of the two. Mention what’s in it for you and what drives you to do a good job for the employer.

Show Your Value.

Another good strategy is to show what you have that others don’t. Of course you would be a good candidate, but they probably have tons of that with your exact same skills.
So you have to prove you’re worth more than them, and provide the company with something unique. For this purpose, having a deep knowledge of the business can be a big plus for you. You will need to do some company research of course, in order to show a solid background rather than just a few general information.
Showing off your knowledge in this sense will show your excitement for the position, and you will picture yourself as an insider who will be most likely easier than others to train.

Problem Solver.

Depending on the position you are applying for, you could point out on how your skills could solve a problem within the company.
In fact, it often happens that employers are looking for an employee to add a new point of view to the company and solve an issue they are struggling with.
Focus on your future and on explaining how you could become a problem solver for the company.