The Top 8 Employees Benefits Your Company Could Offer to you Right Now.

Company benefits generation millenials

Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millenials, Generation Z… Do you know the differences between them all? Probably a lot. But what really matters is that it does not make any sense to ignore them.


Human Resources Specialists are getting challenged by this situation. While offering a pension plan for someone can be a strong part of the benefits to offer, some other would prefer a completely different complement. Companies need now to make an extra effort to understand this if they want to keep their employees.

Let us know present you now some of the best benefits you can offer as part of the salary of your employees to make them happy and committed!


Company Benefits Netflix

1. Netflix Subscriptions

Everybody loves it. It is cheap. It makes you happy. Definitely a good investment to add as part of your employees’ salaries.
Having access to several series and movies will allow them to comment and recommend the best ones between them.

Need covering: Entertainment.

Company Benefits Gym

2. Gym Memberships

Paying for your employees’ gym membership is probably one of the most wanted. Nowadays most of us are doing some exercise to keep our minds and body in a healthy way.
Offering these will show that you care about them. Sports is one of the best ways to increase positivity, health and happiness of your team!

Need covering: Entertainment, Healthcare.

Company Benefits Spotify

3. Spotify Premium Accounts

Music is always bringing some happiness to our lives. The famous platform gives you access to every single music band that you like. Your employees will be able to create lists to share between them.
Besides, they will use it in their free time, a lot. Once you have it you can’t live without it!

Need covering: Entertainment.

Company Benefits Meal Voucher

4. Meal Vouchers

Possibly another one crucial and very valuable for every employee.
Having the possibility of paying your lunch/dinner with your card or tickets provided by your company is a great advantage.
It saves you time, money and allows you to give them access to go out and enjoy their meals properly.
Almost a must!

Need covering: Extra time, Healthcare, Savings.

Company Benefits Transport Ticket

5. Transport Ticket

A lot of people have to commute to work every day from different distances. Public Transport can be expensive depending on the city and it costs a lot to employees every month. To offer the possibility to pay it or at least part of it, is a benefit that a lot of people will highly appreciate.
Also bike & moto renting is becoming a trend.

Need covering:  Savings.

Company Benefits Health Insurance

6. Health Insurance

Health Insurances are a valuable benefit for employees as well. While younger generations may not be very interested in this, with the time you realize that it brings you safety. 

Need covering:  Safety, Healthcare.

Company Benefits Gift Card

7. Gift Cards

Gift Cards are always a motivation award for employees. Amazon, Asos, Zalando, Cinema Tickets, Netflix, App Store, Book Stores, H&M, Inditex… There are several brands to inspire your employees’ wishes.

Small details are also important!

Need covering:  Entertainment.

Company Benefits Education

8. Training and Education

Help your employees to develop personally and professionally. Offer them online courses, language classes, grants, university fees…

One of the best investments for them and also for the company.

Need covering:  Education, Self development.

There are actually no limits when it comes to making your employees happier. As mentioned at the beginning, only companies understanding this change will be able to keep their employees.
Dancing classes; bringing your pet to work; Unlimited holidays… Sometimes breaking the rules can be a great option to show your employees their lives are important to you.