Between its sunny weather, varied terrain, and unique culture, Barcelona is a perfect place to get outdoors and enjoy yourself.


1) Play Football


Celebreak Barcelona

If you are new to Barcelona, or just looking for an outdoor activity, pick-up football is an easy to way to get involved in the community and meet new people. CeleBreak is a company that arranges pick-up football games at a variety of locations and times to make it easy to fit a game in your schedule. Games are open to everyone, no matter the level of experience, and after each session, the groups arrange to go out for beers. If you want a more competitive structure, they also offer full season and half season leagues for women and men and host a tournament with a full day of football and crazy after parties. If you are interested in joining or getting more information, visit their website, message them on WhatsApp (+ 34 654 50 27 82), or like their Facebook page (


2) Beach Volleyball


Multicultural Volleyball Barcelona

Beach volleyball is another great way to stay active and spend time in the sun. Platja de Barceloneta, Platja del Bogatell, and Platja de la Nova Icaria are popular places where many people meet up to play Volleyball on the white sand beaches. The beach volleyball courts are located next to a variety of food and drinks to enjoy with your friends after playing a match. Grab a ball and some friends, and head to the beach, or use other resources such as to connect with others interested in playing. The biggest beach volleyball group meets serval times a week, and is called Multicultural Volleyball Barcelona. It´s an open international group and offers a perfect way to meet new people in a relaxed environment. This group is also beginner friendly. For more info check out their Facebook group:

Or contact one of the organizers directly by WhatsApp: 0034 685 777 303


3) Running


Running path along the beachfront  (Photo Link)

With a city as beautiful as Barcelona, the opportunities for running are everywhere. Some of the best places to run are along the beachfront, which is just over 5 miles from the W Hotel to the Platja del Bogatell area. Another beautiful place to run is Ciutadella park, which has a 1-mile perimeter around the park and its location makes it easy to take a detour around the Olympic Port area. If you are looking for group running, there is a Barcelona 360 running tour available and there are other events such as the Barcelona Marathon or Half Marathon that take place annually. For a more casual group running experience, look on to find others looking for a ru¡nning buddy.


4)  Hiking


Hiking barcelona

Parc del Tibidabo (Photo Link)

For those who want to enjoy the outdoors in a slower fashion, Barcelona has the perfect mixture of hills and mountains to do so. One of the best places to hike with great views of the sea and city are the Bunkers Del Carmel. These old bomb shelters from the Spanish Civil War are now abandoned and open 24 hours, making it a great place to go for a sunrise or sunset hike. Another place with a great view is Tibidabo Mountain. Although it is a 4-hour hike, the setting is incredible, and at the top, there is an amusement park in the Parc del Tibidabo with a Ferris wheel and amazing views of the city. And of course, there is Montserrat. Between the trains and the actual hike up the path, it can take a good chunk of time, but the views, food, and history at the top are worth it.

5) Water Sports




Paddleboarding barcelona

Paddleboarding (Photo Link)

As the seas start to heat up, beach and water activities will start to become more popular as everyone is looking to cool off in the Mediterranean. Amazingly, just north of Barcelona is the tropical paradise of La Costa Brava. You can join Excursions Barcelona’s famous Kayaking and Snorkeling day tour ( which includes transportation from Barcelona. With them, you can kayak around hidden coves, explore caves and jump into the crystal-clear waters to see the marine life up close. This is a popular tour, so bookings are essential. If you are looking for a more extreme sport, windsurfing, jet skiing and flyboarding are available along the beachfront of Platja Barceloneta as well. If you don’t know how to use any of the equipment, there are also lessons available for an additional cost.



By: Alli Stendler