What is it like to be a recruiter in 2017?

Let’s start doing a quick exercise:

  1. Imagine yourself in an interview for a job (Face to face, on the phone, on Skype, it does not matter where)
  2. Think about your motivations, your situation, ambitions, why do you want this job.
  3. Answer yourself the following question: How would you like to feel during this conversation?

We asked this question to ourselves. Not only today but constantly. It makes such a big difference to have the feeling that you can be natural in a conversation rather than feeling that you are trying to pass an exam.

Among others, we believe this is one of the most important goals a recruiter must have in our days. The selection process can be more or less stressful; more or less difficult; more or less fast. But anyway the recruiter plays a big part in this process.

If you have answered yourself the question we asked before in this article, we are sure that you will agree with us in some of the answers that we believe are the key for a friendly, natural and transparent selection process.

  1. Respect: A good recruiter will call you on time, will send you information if he/she said so. He or she will respect and understand that you have a life and your time is important. If for any reason this does not happen, this person will contact you to apologize and reschedule a new interview.
  2. Transparency: A good recruiter will tell you clearly the truth. As we said, this is not an exam but a conversation. Feel free to ask. A good recruiter will help you and guide you through your concerns. If he or she cannot give you an answer to a question, kindly ask if he or she can send you this information later.
  3. Empathetic: A good recruiter will understand your feelings, situation and motivations. Working with people means that you have to deal with a lot of unexpected situations. A lot of things can happen and a good recruiter will understand you whole as a person and not like a number.
  4. Open-minded: A good recruiter does not understand about discrimination of any kind. He/she will rather understand you and your background. Normally recruiters will be multilingual and interested in traveling and discovering new cultures and experiences.
  5. Flexibility: A good recruiter will always let the door open for you. It has happened to all of us. You are doing an interview and both parts have the feeling that this is not going to work. It is not the end. A good recruiter will keep you in mind and will try to consider you when a position more suitable appears for you.
  6. Rapidity: A good recruiter will be fast. We all love fast food, fast internet, fast transport… It is our time and we are aware of its value. If you are dealing with a good professional, he or she will respect this and will try to be very responsive.

These are only 5 characteristics we consider vital if a person wants to be considered a Good Recruiter. If you think about it, everything summarizes in being a Human. Don’t you think?