Small Tips To Manage Your Career In 2019.


It is thought that a new year often brings a wave of new in people’s lives. Making resolutions, quitting bad habits and start better ones is a common practice in this period. Nevertheless, most of this good intentions will keep being only intentions and never translate in action. They will then come back the following year. This time with more conviction and hope, but the final result will always stay the same.
The problem is the widely spread idea that one person can revolutionise his life just because the date is different. Setting impossible achievements or radical changes in lifestyle won’t bring anything concrete and could often lead to a feeling of frustration when realising those good resolutions turned out being failures.

So here are some easy tips for your career in order to keep up the good work and develop your skills and experience little by little in 2019. 


Set Goals.

Start with the easy task. Write down your goals for the incoming year. If you’ve never done it, this is a good time to start a new habit. Identify where you are now and what you are doing and figure out where you want to be at this time next year. 
Knowing where you want to go helps you picturing yourself in that place. If you don’t know where you’re going, it will be tough to get there.  
Take sometime to consider also how the job market is changing and what it could be like in the future. This way you’ll be able to consider what action you should take if prospects aren’t promising.


Keep Track Of Your Accomplishments.

This is a good moment to do the math. Mentally going through your year and take stock of your accomplishments can help you getting in a positive mood, as you’ll have a clear picture of the effort and steps you made.
Make a list of what you’ve done and create a forward-focused 
resume and online profile to highlight them



List Skills You’ll Need.

After setting your goals and keeping tracks of your personal development, it should be easy to point out what skills you are missing to reach your objectives. Strategize about getting the means you need to move ahead with your career plans. For example, you can take part in new projects, or attend courses and conferences.



Escape Your Routine.

Getting out of your comfort zone is always good, as it brings a lot of new opportunities and points of view. When was the last time you tried something new? This is the time. Learn a new language, take classes or volunteer for a project. Join a professional association or take a more active role in one where you are a member. It could qualify you for a bigger job. 



Make New Friends.

Networking is the best way to get a job. That’s why it is important to expand your circle of contacts. It could even come as a consequence of escaping your routine. You can actually combine the two things through attending to social events where you are most likely to meet people from your field. 
The more people you know, like and trust you, the better the chance of landing new opportunities in the new year.


Remember What’s Important.

Don’t forget to stop and make the point on what you’re doing. Prioritise. 
hink about your own health and peace too. If you’ve been neglecting your health, your family or friends, address those concerns in the new year and you’ll be more likely to be successful in your work life as well. 



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