If you live in Barcelona or actually in any other big city, you are now probably experiencing this feeling. Christmas time is near. Lights, presents, warm drinks, sweets… a lot of nice things are going on around us and for sure we all like to enjoy them.

However, it is also very easy to get surrounded by some negative aspects. Every year, this period seems to be a comercial activity. People buying things they don’t even need as crazy, angry faces, complains, stress, headaches to find the best presents… It is sad if we let this time get corrupted by these other feelings.

When we did our Christmas Video this year, we wanted to remind you that. Forget about all of these things and stay focused on what really matters. Your family, your friends, or just yourself. Take this time to enjoy and to relax before the next year starts. Remember to use this time wisely!


From Blu Selection, we wish you a season of happiness & a wonderful New year! 🎄 #makethebluexperience

Alice, Eloise, Emilija, Florian, Jorge, Julie, Malgorzata & Olivia.