The Best Documentaries to Actually

Know What’s Going On In The World.


All of us love to get good recommendations for movies or series. If we are going to spend some of our time watching something, we really want to make sure that it will be for a good reason and we will get the most out of it. It seems like we tend to forget about one of the most important audiovisual products we can find out there.

There are amazing documentaries that can teach us so much. The idea here is to share with you some of the most relevant documentaries of the last years. Those that you cannot miss if you really want to understand what’s going on in this society and our planet.

This is the selection that we highly recommend and will ensure you a breaking point in your life:

#1 Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World. 


A documentary explaining the beginning of the internet and its impact on society. Lo and Behold want you to make uncomfortable about your safety and the use of every digital platform we have access to nowadays.



#2 The Nightmare. 


The real answers and testimonials of 8 people suffering important sleep-related problems. Definitely not the best choice to watch alone of before going to sleep. A documentary about how complicated life can be and how some people live their lives as a constant nightmare.



#3 Planet Earth.


In my opinion, a mandatory documentary. It will not only show you the most beautiful images of our planet but also will make you reflect on how we are surrounded by magic and life everywhere. Consisting in two seasons, Planet Earth I and Planet Earth II must be in your to watch list right now.



#4 Citizenfour.


A movie to understand in deep the complexity of secrets, information and the impact it can have on the whole world. The story of Edward Snowden challenge one of the most important Agencies of the world and its credibility.



#5 Minimalism.


The two American Author of this book and documentary, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, are presenting here an alternative way of living based on what is really necessary and ho to leave behind all the things that we should not care about. I must say that it was very enjoyable and it really makes you think about how many unnecessary things we have in our life.



#6 What The Health.


A hard critic to the food industry in general. Make sure you are not eating anything while watching this. It speaks about the food processes and how complicated and corrupted the industry has become. You will be reconsidering what you eat every time after watching this!



#7 Human Planet.


An incredible view of humanity and its interaction with the nature divided into 8 episodes. It goes detailed to describe how humans have adapted to every environment and situations on Earth.



#8 Blue Planet.


In line with the previous productions, Planet Earth and Human Planet, this one stays focused on the oceans and the Blue side of our planet. Although its focus mostly on his life, the last episode of the second season explores our impact on this and it is really worth it to watch.