The 9 Reasons Why We All are falling in Love with Lisbon.

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If you are reading this is because you are definitely interested in Lisbon. We all know that during the past years Portugal has become one of the most visited countries in Europe. Its natural beauty seemed to be hidden but already a lot of people have visited it for the second time.

While in the year 2000 Portugal received 5.7 million of visitors, the past year 2017 has received 12.7 million. And the numbers are just increasing every year.

What is behind this popularity? These are some of the reasons why people quickly fall in love with Lisbon and the Portuguese Culture:

1. The Light.

Personally, I have seen one of the most beautiful sunsets of my life at the highest point sight view of Lisbon, Miradouro da Senhora do Monte. Don’t even think about missing it if you go there. However, Lisbon has not only great magic sunset but its light in general. With an average of 290 sunny days per year, people quickly feel how the light that this place has is something special.

Hard to explain, easy to experience.

2. The Personality.


3. The Gastronomy.

A lot of cities can be beautiful but having an unique personality is something different.

It is not something easy to acquire. The people, the culture, the gastronomy, the music, the architecture, the vibes, the location, the trend, the street art, the language, the environment, etc.

Everything counts when creating a city’s personality. Most of the times not even on purpose but created by accident. Lisbon has a strong one and people really love it.


  4. The Streets.

Not a lot of touristic places in the world can keep this. Lisbon is preserving its gastronomy and they are very proud of this.

The best part is that you will be able to have a very decent meal with no need to pay with a part of your body. Tasty plates are really worth to try and I am not speaking about sweets yet.

Portuguese people know how to cook, and they want to share it with the world.


  5. The Locals.

Be careful if you decide to go for a walk in Lisbon, you might want to stay forever.

It is like being in a movie or a fairy tale. Photographers love it. There is always something new to discover. It is one of these places where it is really worth it to get lost walking and walking. You can forget about the public transport and discover the city by foot.

Street Art and musicians will guide you to find out incredible hidden spots.


6. The Hidden Gems of Portugal.

Very polite, hard-workers and humble are some of the words that first come to my mind to describe Portuguese people.

Besides, they are helpful to foreigners and they are proud of their culture and way of living, so they will be always willing to share it with you.

Happy people with social skills to make to feel comfortable in their country.


  7. The Beaches.

Not far from Lisbon you can find amazing places to visit. Real Portuguese Treasures that will inspire you with their natural beauty.

Sintra is probably one of the most important. One of my favorite places on Earth so far!
But let’s not forget about Madeira or Azores, described as the Hawaii of the Atlantic.

We cannot avoid thinking about the charming Porto as well.


  8. The Portuguese Tile Walls.

A country gifted with natural beaches and kilometers of coast ready to be enjoyed.

The Weather always helps in this perfect combination.  While some of the best beach spots might be in the south, Algarve Area, Lisbon is not far from perfect places to enjoy the summer days.

Portinho da Arrábida, Guincho, Meco, Troia. Adraga. Tamariz, Sesimbra and many more.



  9. Your Own Reason.

The Tiles just make everything more beautiful. The Portuguese culture has a strong tradition using them from a long time ago.

Back in the 13th century, with the Moors invasion and the influence of Sevilla, they included this artwork deeply in their culture.

Nowadays, Lisbon is fully dressed with these simple little stones bringing color and life to the city and impressing all the tourists.

For sure you also have your own reasons to love Lisbon and Portugal.

Love, friends, family or maybe just a good feeling and memories from your last trip there.

Tell us about it!