These are the 5 Trends Spreading at the Workplace Around the World.

Workplaces are no longer what they used to be. Startups around the world are breaking the rules when it comes to bringing creativity and freedom to their offices. When a company has a size of 3-20 employees, there is the possibility to set some rules that will differentiate the way you work.

During the last years, a lot of companies started to do this. We have identified some of the most common. Would you agree with all of them?

Office Startup Trends Dog

1. Bring your dog to the office.

A lot of companies are adopting this rule. Who doesn’t want to work with a little puppy playing around? These are the main benefits companies are stating after bringing a dog to the workplace:

-Reduce stress
-Brings the team together
-Encourage healthy living
-Increase productivity

Office Startup Trends Shoes

2. Shoes-Free.

Companies are offering this to their employees to make them feel comfortable at work. They even offer slippers and funny patterned shocks to bring some comfort and color to the office.

Forget about coming back home tired of wearing shoes the whole day!

Office Startup Trends Arcade Games

3. Gaming area.

A pool, a football table, ping-pong, a small TV with video games… Employees highly appreciate the possibility to have a relaxing area where they can completely disconnect from their emails and tasks for a moment.

Do not put any limits and be creative! Lego blocks, pinball, mini-golf, an arcade machine…

Office Startup Trends Blackboard

4. A blackboard to express your thoughts.

Having a big blackboard at the office can sound kind of mandatory for a lot of companies. However, still missing in a lot of workplaces. Make sure there is a specific place at the office where employees can express what they think.

‘Someone joining for a drink after work?’
‘Planning a road trip this weekend!’
‘I am selling my iPod’

Office Startup Trends Relax

5. The chilling area.

Also a must. A bed office or a sofa will give employees the possibility to develop their creativity. Five minutes to close your eyes and reflect will boost everyone’s productivity. 
We all need to stop a bit to continue doing our best every day, specially when our tasks become repetitive and monotome.