The 5 Amazing Work Trends

Coming To Your Office By 2025


Some kind of technologies and trends just appear in our daily lives like out of nowhere and they come to stay forever in our routine.  If we need to say what are the technologies that recently changed the way we work every day, we possibly would agree on some of the following:

VoIP Services

New Ways and Platforms of Faster Communication

LinkedIn and other Social Channels for Interaction and Engagement

Viral Content

Influencer Marketing

4G Services

Streaming and Live Video Platforms

Many More


New Ways of Commuting.


  • Electric vehicles are finally taking their place in this world. It is expected that for the next years they will be dealing the market. However, it is every time more and more often to find new ways of commuting as electric skates for instance. Definitely, a trend that we will embrace. Self-driving vehicles are also part of the next big thing happening. Big corporations are already offering this to their employees.



More Green Spaces.


  • Most of the jobs are turning more and more technology and IT based. We spend hours surrounded by cables and screens and 90% of workers admit that they would love to have to have a better connexion with nature every work day. Workplaces are turning greener and adapting to this need. It is proveed that an office with a green and alive area increase employees’ producitivity



The Real Wellness.


  • Employees are getting more and more demanding when it comes to their work-life balance. People are very aware that their job is, of course, an important part of their lives but not everything. Working from home, extra holidays, yoga and meditation, free breakfast, gym memberships…



Virtual Offices.


  • Working from home is becoming more common but still, companies and employees are not sure about the results and the impact of this. Virtual Offices are being tried in some companies all around the globe. It seems like the perfect alternative as a middle point for some jobs that you can easily do via internet.



Hybrid Live-Work Spaces.


  • This trend is on the rise in a lot of countries. Especially startups run by millennials, with the intention of saving some money, they rent a house that they use to build their project while they live there. It will be another trend to closely follow.



It is clear that a lot of things changed in the past 10 years and a lot will change in the coming decade. In general, companies are groups of people and people is changing the way we live and we are adapting our work environment to make it efficient but also fair and honest for everybody.