You are a Superhero. What is your Superpower?

Each profession and each industry has its own superheroes. Let’s assume for one moment that Superheroes are real and they are in fact between us.

In a world like this, the doctors have healing powers to cure any kind of physical problem; The psychologists can read people’s mind and they can go into it to guide them; The Graphic Designers can communicate with the colours and they can use their power to turn ideas into real projects; Translators can understand people in real time; Pilots can fly; Teachers have the ability to develop people and they can make people achieve their dreams; Photographers can capture any moment and they can express any idea with their eyes.

It sounds like an interesting world. Isn’t it? Actually, it is not far from the reality where we live in.

We are sure if you think about it, the list would never end. Imagine now the role of the recruiter in this world. This profession, as many other, has changed a lot during the past years and it keeps evolving.

These are the Super Powers we believe a Recruiter must be developing right now:

  • Fast-moving.
  • Super Natural creativity to find new sources, candidates and channels
  • Extremely Effective Communication Skills.
  • Judgements Blocker. No space for any cultural, age, gender or any other kind of discrimination.
  • The senses will turn into real effective radars at the personal and professional level. High listening skills to understand people’s situations.
  • New language: The Transparency.
  • A real recruiter will develop a strong connexion with technology.
  • Special Connection with Humans.
  • Flexible personality. Capacity to adapt to different people and personalities.
  • They are multitasking. Can use several tools at the same time and even predict new tendencies and changes in the market.
  • They have strong emotions but they know how to separate them from their professional life.
  • Time is their ally. They understand that 1 minute can make a huge difference.

This is how we think a Super Recruiter must be. As a person in charge of matching candidates and job opportunities, these professionals have to be prepared for people. As a Swiss knife, they need several tools and skills to offer. Fast, efficiently and effectively.  After a while, every person can develop a sixth sense at his/her profession. It is not a goal but a constant development race.

Every professional must know the superpowers he/she has and also the ones he or she can achieve with the time and the experience. Besides, it is important that once we know the superpowers we have access to, we work hard to achieve them by different ways. Courses, languages, tutorials, webinars, trainings…. Everything counts when your goal is turning the best Superhero for the people you need to keep safe. We encourage every person working in Human Resources to keep doing their best. We all need to know where our kryptonite is and be stronger. Keep always in mind that we work with people and with their career and life.

As a recruiter, one of your hidden Super Powers is the ability to influence in people’s life. Never forget that. Be a good professional, be a human, be a superhero.