Will the recruiter take a look at your social media during your selection process?

It seems like with the time, we are getting more and more familiar with sharing our life. Have you ever used Stories on Instagram? Probably yes. It is one of the most used platforms nowadays with millions of active users per day. Not only here but also on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter… We tent to share with the people all of our thoughts no matter the impact.

Sometimes it seems like on social media everything is allowed. We believe that being ‘behind the screen’ will protect us from people reactions.

A lot of people is also wondering if this can be a threat when it comes to being involved in a selection process for your future job. Will the company check all my last party pictures? Will they see my last holiday photo session?

When people are asking us if we check the social media networks of our candidates, we have a clear answer: No, thanks.
We understand that for certain positions or roles this could be relevant. There are some specific cases where this will actually be applicable. However, we believe that it is very important to understand the impact of this on a recruitment process and to give it the importance that it really deserves.

A recruiter must be open-minded and never make any assumptions. If you check the profile or a candidate before/after an interview, this will immediately create some prejudices in your mind with no real base. It is important to stay neutral and to understand that we all have the right to be a very professional person and also to enjoy our life with our friends and family.

Obviously, this topic must be treated very independently. If you are applying for a position as a Customer Advisor and you have a recent post about how much you hate dealing with people… do not question yourself why you are not being contacted.

We have the key of all of this and it is as simple as two little words: Be Smart.

You should keep always in mind that nowadays our privacy is often a very relative right. Think twice when you are sharing something on social media. Take a few minutes to review your privacy settings on each network and make it a bit more close to your real circle of people.

Let’s then ask us the main question again:

    Will the recruiter take a look at your social media during your selection process?

To sum up, the most precise question is that this will depend on different factors. Normally a selection process involves a lot of parts and different people. In our case, at Blu Selection we have no space for prejudices or assumptions and we believe this should stay like this, especially in the Human Resources Industry.