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Are you currently in the middle of the search of a new job?

Now more than ever we are ambitious and curious when it comes to making a career move or when we think about developing our professional profile. Sometimes it is easy and comfortable to accept a job just because you received a good offer. However, it is not always easy to find out what we really want to do with our career.

If you are currently jobless and planning to make a change in your professional life, we have some ideas for you.

It is time to nail your CV.

Probably there is some dust on your CV. Take a look at the latest trends and create a masterpiece for your job search. We recommend you to use tools like, photoshop or any other software to make a different and remarkable CV.

Consider also to create extra material as a Video Curriculum, a Cover Letter or a Portfolio.

Analyze the Past. Focus on the Future.

Sit down and make a summary of all you have achieved during the past years of experience. Focus on what you do not want to do anymore and try to remember what you enjoyed the most. 
Try to identify your strengths and your passions. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

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Enjoy your free time.

It is very common to get stressed when we want to make a move in our career. It is an important decision and probably we don’t want to be silly when choosing another way.

We should not forget about having fun. Just remember to pay attention to your entertainment time. Be smart. Go on a trip to disconnect, make some sport, enjoy cooking or do whatever that makes you think more clearly. 

Watch something.

Maybe watching Harry Potter won’t bring you a lot of insights. However, nowadays we have access to a vast amount of audiovisual material that can help us with this.

Documentaries, TED Talks and even some movies or series are a very good idea to reflect on our career.  I can recommend the movie The Intern, definitely a good moment to watch it!


Reading always will help you.

We can recommend you platforms like LinkedIn or Flipboard, where you will find a lot of relevant information that will help you in your job search.

Search for some books, there are very good readings that you can enjoy while you learn about you and your preferences. I can recommend The Obstacle is The Way.

Consider to launch something.

Maybe it is time to start that business or that idea that you always kept in your head and your heart. Following your passions can be risky and scary but at the same time can be the best choice for you.

If you feel like it is time for it, get prepared and put all your efforts to build what you’ve always dreamt!