Remember These 6 Things If You Are Under 30.


People say that being under 30 can be one of the hardest periods of our life. We still have the youth, the energy, and some savings but sometimes you have no idea of what are you doing with your life.

Some people are blaming the generation and the new technologies but the truth is that this age period is always characterized by stress and search for some kind of meaning on our lives. 

Why Now.


If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. You’ve always had in one way or another a path to follow, some rules that society and education have set for you to stick in. When you finish your studies, and you have been working for a few years, you start to realize and to question yourself, is this really everything?

Deep, isn’t it? I think so. It is actually healthy to be worried about our future and our purpose in life and of course, it can be stressful to figure it out and to find yourself an answer to this topic but do not get crazy because it is something we all go through.



Some Of The Best Things to Help Yourself.

As mentioned, you will not find the answer to this in any book. However, there are some things you can do to get closer to the key you are looking for.

If you are under 30 and you still have this feeling of emptiness or lack of motivation, these are some of the best practices you can do:

#1 Travel.


This is probably what most of the people will recommend you to do and it is true. If you can do it alone, do not be scared to do so. When you travel just by yourself you will always remember the goal of your trip. Besides, you will be open to meet new people and to experience new things. 

When we travel we leave all our judgments behind and we always discover new things about our personality. It is incredibly important to spend time with us and to dedicate some time to our own thoughts.


#2 Read.


Reading is another habit that we are sadly loosing. It is incredibly powerful if you choose the right books. We have prepared this article to help you with some of the most recommended readings. 

Whatever you choose, take a pencil and get ready for some proactive reading. Note and mark the most important thoughts while reading and reflect on them. Books can be an amazing source of inspiration and self-awareness.


#3 Get Yourself some Healthy Habits.


It is never too late to this, but the sooner, the better. It is the perfect moment for you to really set yourself some healthy rules. Try as many things as you can and find a sport you like, a way of eating you agree with and your body and mind will be grateful for the rest of your life.
Only being healthy you will be able to think about your future so this is actually one of the steps you should care the most.

Take your time to understand your body and your mind to better know you and your personality.


#4 Start Making Some Savings.


If you haven’t started yet, it is definitely time for it. Set yourself a minimum amount per month and don’t touch this money. This will give you freedom and security in case you need to do something that requires some financial investment.

If you have a stable salary, remember the 50/20/30 rule:
50% – Basic and Fixed Expenses
20%- Savings 
30%- Personal and Variable Expenses

savings money finan e

#5 Learn to Say No.


Even though it sounds maybe easy for a lot of people, it is something you really need to learn in life. You will never succeed if you don’t learn to focus on things that really matter in life.

Practice this habit when you really need to say no to a situation.

Say no decisions

#6 Determine your Real Friends.


By now you should already know how to put toxic people far from you. Really do it. 
On the other hand, you probably have lost some friends on the way. Different choices, different ways of living or just life will bring you together or will separate people. 
At least make sure you have 1-5 people you can really consider your friends and never stop caring about them.