Practice these habits before you go to work

There is one thing which is part of the lives of mostly all of us. Our jobs! They shape our days as well as our lives.

The key point is to prevent the work routine to wolf us down! Acting upon what do you do before you go to work, the job would be just a parenthesis of your life, not your life, and this way you will be able to enjoy your workplace more!

Here are some nice habits you should get yourself into. At the beginning, they might seem like a stretch, but when you keep on doing them, you will really feel the difference.

  • Don’t snooze, don’t postpone the alarm. Choose a realistic time when you have to get up in order not to rush in your morning routine.
  • When you are still in bed take a couple of minutes to stretch your body, your legs, and your arms.
  • Put some nice music on, choose your favorite songs and let them wake you up!
  • Drink a big glass of water as the first thing when you wake up. Your organism hasn’t been drinking for more than 6 hours, it deserves it. You can add a squeezed lemon and half spoon of honey, to get some vitamins!
  • A nice and delicious breakfast will help you to get out of bed, and it will energize your day. Be sure you have something yummilicious in the fridge or in the larder, waiting for you.
  • If you are going to work by bus or metro, use that time to read about something that interest you (news, innovative trends…), or a book. Take the best advantage you can from the time you “waste” in the daily transport, stop scrolling the home screen of your social media accounts.
  • On the other hand, making a fifteen minutes walk or a nice bike-ride to work, is the perfect way to relieve stress and loosen up your muscles before starting.

I’ve shared the morning routines of the Blu Selection team, but everybody can make his/her own pre-work routine.

The healthy routines can help you save time and boost your productivity at work as well as in life.