Ostrava: The Undiscovered Treasure of Europe.

Ostrava is clearly not dominating the European headlines like Paris, London or Milan. In fact, Ostrava is a name hardly meaning anything at all to many of us. It might be not for long though because its recognition is booming quickly while more and more people are falling in love with the unique fashion of this city in the heart of Europe.

The Czech Republic’s third largest city has been famous for its coal-mining and steel industry for more than two centuries. The industrial background of the city is now greatly adapted for tourists and pulses an exceptional style of Ostrava.

The city fulfilled with parks, museums, rivers, lakes, festivals, brewery, zoo, castle and other must-see spots allow everyone to discover its own Ostrava.

Here are 8 reasons why Ostrava should be high on your list:

Ostrava Nature

Magnificent Nature

One of Ostrava’s most unique features is the combination of its traditional architecture and its wild nature. A stroll along the glorious Ostravice river – one of four rivers in Ostrava – never fails to amaze locals and tourists alike, whether it is the middle of winter or at high-summer. The beauty of the untouched nature can be appreciated in the many parks and reserves that Ostrava has to offer, like the Rezavka reserve with its specially protected plants.

Ostrava Transport

Location and Transportation

Ostrava’s location in the Eastern part of the country offers perfect access not only to the Czech market but also to Poland (30 minutes drive) and Slovakia (1-hour drive). 700 vehicles of public transport (trams, buses, trolleybuses) within the city assure you reach any place you need in an extremely cheap and easy way.

Ostrava Industry

Unique Style

Ostrava’s industrial roots maintain the special style and atmosphere of the city. The heritage is used fashionably here by metallurgy equipment from previous centuries transformed into modern attractions. The district of Vitkovice is a brilliant example of that.  As well as Landek Park, a former mine reopened as a museum, which might put you right in the boots of the miner.

Ostrava Cost of Life

Cost of Living

It is hard to believe that the city so rich in its heritage, nature and attractions can be so cheap to enjoy. Low prices allow you not only to take the best out of the city but to travel a lot as well.

Ostrava Museum

Variety of Activities

The number of museums, art galleries, theatres, music clubs and various cultural areas leave no place for boredom here. Let’s not forget a giant zoo of 100 Ha with 4000 animals of 400 different species, the Ema Slag Heap of 315 meters height with a breathtaking view, and famous Ostravar Brewery which reveals how beer, the national Czech Republic’s drink, is made from start to finish. Despite the differences in taste, hobbies and interests, everyone will definitely find something special in Ostrava.

Ostrava Festival


Music, dance, sports and even chess festivals are taking place every once in a while, keeping up the lively and colorful lifestyle in Ostrava. One of the most popular ones is Colours of Ostrava, a music festival attracting famous artists from all over the world, like Björk, Kasabian, Of Monsters and Men, Imagine Dragons, Alt-J, and many more.

Ostrava Bar

Stodolni Street

When it comes to partying, Stodolni street is a place you want to be. With the enormous concentration of pubs, bars, and restaurants the street that never sleeps, has no equals in the whole Czech Republic.

Ostrava International
International Culture

Fast growing international companies and students from all over the world create a strong multicultural environment within the city. Ostrava warmly welcomes people coming from any part of the globe with great possibilities to experience different cultures and make new connections.


There are probably no other words that describe Ostrava better than the Undiscovered Treasure of Europe. Once discovered, this lively and unique city will undoubtedly leave a memorable mark for everyone.

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