Are you one, and would you even want to be one? Well, the defining dates are up for debate, but the millennial generation generally accepted to be born between 1981 and 2001. This 20-year period is broken up into 2 sub generation “Y” & “Z”. 1981-1991, think super Mario and Pac Man, HUGE dinosaur desktop computers with ancient operating systems (LOL… Windows for MS-DOS anyone? feeling old yet?) 1991-2001 think more along the lines of Pokémon franchise, smartphones, tablets and apps (nothing wrong with that!)

You can see Millennials everywhere, unshaved, trendy types running their multi-million dollar start-ups at Starbucks using free Wi-Fi. Just kidding but seriously, there are nearly 1.8 billion millennials and we are changing the way we buy and sell, and the way we think about business, love and just about everything all because we are willing to challenge the status quo.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Well my bias opinion, being born in 1989 and therefore possessing the best of both “Y” AND “Z” I can (but probably shouldn’t) speak for all of us when I say millennials are the already the greatest generation, and we are only just NOW reaching our 30s (move over Elon Musk)! We have already blessed the world with the likes of Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, Airbnb, Uber, Spotify, and……. Tinder (you are welcome). All thanks to us precious millennials.

The preceding generations (Baby boomer and Gen X) will criticize millennials because we are so incredibly different due to the inescapable boom in technology over the last 30 years, surprise surprise. So, what is so wrong with us?

It’s true we prefer to text than phone calls, we watch Netflix until our eyes shrivel up like raisins, we order in EVERYTHING, and we are the generation (for now) who is the most comfortable with letting our lives “professional & private” unfold on the internet. But what about the mega-harsh stereotypes?

We are entitled

We are not politically involved

We are lazy

We are not responsible

We trust no one!

Well everyone has different experiences, but maybe just maybe it means we are a product of our environment? And if these traits are crossing borders and manifesting themselves in other cultures of the same generation, wouldn’t It be safe to say there might be a good reason for these bad attitudes?

What’s Really Going on?

A large chunk of Millennials graduated from high school and gone on to university amidst the largest global financial crisis since the great depression. And no, it wasn’t millennials running the mortgage back securities market after all (but I diverge). So basically, amidst educational inflation (making our degrees worthless), unemployment at record highs and bank lending at all time-lows, many still forked out hundreds of thousands in student loans to pay tuitions for degrees, to give them a better chance of finding a job in an unforgiving economy. Resulting in the “potential” entitlement. But if you are lucky enough to have found a job after graduation, you should be working twice as hard to keep it because you have a better understanding that everything is temporary.

As far as the laziness and irresponsibility, because we stay longer in our parents’ houses and don’t accomplish the same things as previous generations on exactly the same timeline due to the aforementioned economic environmental factors. And to be honest, we are beginning to rewrite the pattern of life (as we should). We are marrying later (or not at all), having kids later (or not at all), taking the time to travel, doing all the things the generations before wished they could have done at our age, and it’s not the end of the world. We are lucky and we know it, so why rush it? We are more educated than our parents’ generation, yet are paid a fraction of what they were.

Furthermore, millennials have very little trust in people in general, we have less religious affiliation as well as political affiliation, as well as gender affiliation. We are ripping off all the labels and tearing down walls of society. We are the generation changing it all!

It’s time we take our hard earned (overpaid) educations, hang them on the wall of our one bedroom apartments that cost twice as much as our parents’ mortgages and live the lives that make us happy.


We are living the age of Aquarius the millennial.