What is ‘La Cuesta de Enero’ in Spain? 

Not sure if there is an exact translation of this expression in English. The January Hill, The January Slope… We call it La Cuesta de Enero.

A serious event that is happening right now. There are a few reasons why this moment of the year is feared by many people.


The obvious – The after holidays

La cuesta de Enero - Obvious

Possibly the easiest to guess and the first factor that starts creating this feeling. Everyone is at home with their families, resting, eating, drinking, just having a very good time. But then reality comes back. You realized you spent more than the necessary, you ate more than you planned and did not care about the gym and your emails for a long time.

The unexpected – New budgets

La cuesta de Enero - Unexpected

Normally in January, as it is the beginning of the year, we try to change some things in our life and it includes new habits and goals. Let’s say this year you decided to start working out and to join a yoga club. That is very well-intentioned but of course, money will stress you as your monthly budget will be higher. Just make sure you set realistic goals and check all the alternatives. Check here our article about how to set smart goals.


The temptation – The Sales

La cuesta de Enero - Sales

Even though we are complaining about La Cuesta de Enero, who is not going to buy something for the Sales? There are two big sales periods in Spain, the second week of January and then in July. It is very easy to be tempted by the attractive offers that you will see everywhere so good luck with this.


These 3 ingredients together are an explosive combination that can generate you more stress than the necessary. There is only one week left in January so stay strong and don’t panic when you hear the sentence La Cuesta de Enero.

There is a very nice sentence from a Spanish singer that I like:

‘Hacer de la cuesta de Enero nuestra rampa de lanzamiento’

It is all about attitude!