The 5 Irish Pubs for a Perfect Saint Patrick in Barcelona.

Can you feel that? If you live in Barcelona you can already start feeling the smell of the spring, officially beginning the 20th of March.

We all know what it means. Warmer temperatures, the streets turning green and flowers blossoming all around. We are getting there!

But first, let’s not forget about other important events. Saint Patrick is here and while this celebration might not be as important here than it is in Ireland, there are several places in Barcelona where you can still go and celebrate this day with some Irish music and your green sweater on.

Michael Collins

Where: Barrio Gòtic in Barcelona

Why: Great decoration and a mix of people. Locals, Foreigners and curious persons walking around will get together here to enjoy a beer.


George Payne

Where: Urquinaona

Why: If you are really looking for a good noisy Irish party, this is the right place to go. Their Irish lunches have a great reputation as well!


Kitty O’Shea’s

Where: Carrer Nau Santa Maria, 5

Why: Their food, the beer and the Whiskey.  You will be especially welcome this week to celebrate their special Saint Patrick’s week.


Dunne’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

Where: Via Laietana, 19

Why: The lighting was carefully chosen to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. They care about the details to transport you to the most authentic Irish experience.


Flaherty’s Irish Bar

Where:  At the Square Plaza Joaquim Xirau

Why: It could be the Irish version of the Central Perk of Friends. Homemade food and a perfect place for a meeting with friends.