Introverts At Work: 5 Ways to Show Your Strengths.


In a world dominated by social media, people are often forgetting the importance of bonding and building strong relationships.

Although social media can be really helpful for shy people to bring them comfort and a sense of security, the risk is that they become a substitute for real-time relationships.

Online interactions shouldn’t replace face-to-face relationship-building completely, but should rather be a helping hand for introverts, a place to practice without the pressure of a real conversation.

Since we were children we have always been encouraged to speak more, express our ideas and share our thoughts. For this reason, introverts can feel uncomfortable in everyday situations such as the workplace.

Dear introverts don’t despair, here are some tips to help you improve your social skills.  


Value Yourself.

Identify your strengths, not only in terms of your job skills but also consider the value that you can bring to any position you’ll transition to in the future. More importantly, do not let other people change your vision. If you feel more productive working independently, just do it. This way you will be contributing to team ideas and show how committed you are to your job, despite your solitary soul.



Always Be Prepared For Speeches and Presentations.

These can be really stressful situations and can provoke anxiety. Prepare yourself in advance, anticipate possible questions and rehearse your responses. Write down a list of ideas or goals you would like to display to the team. Building a sense of inner confidence can be really useful too in order to convey your internal knowledge to the others.



Take Initiative.

Do not wait for team members to ask you for updates or news about your accomplishments, be proactive and share information with your co-workers and bosses. It will be really appreciated and will avoid the risk of being caught unprepared.



Do Not Limit Your Communication to Emails.

We all know that texts and emails can be really useful when you have to share information, but remember that some occasion requires you to get your face out there, for example to the mark in critical high-touch areas.



Take Advantage Of Your Mysterious Personality.

Joking and playing off your mystery can really be useful to catch the attention of others. Extroverts often think that there is a weak personality behind an introvert so surprise them with a bit of unexpected humor, or show your unusual behaviors. That will change their mind and put yourself in a whole new light. Humour is really important. So remember to always value it!



Finally, practice a lot and remember that those behaviors you find so unusual could actually be turned into really strong points.

And in case you were thinking you’ll never be able to succeed in your career, remember that many leaders and successful professionals in history were exactly like you! Take JK Rowling as an example, she got her most successful idea – Harry Potter – while being trapped on a delayed train. She didn’t have a pen and was too shy to ask somebody, so she just sat with her thoughts and the little wizard started shaping in her mind.

Start practicing today, you could become the next awards winning writer!

And if you don’t, find a trusted partner who can be the yin to your yang and bring the right balance. 


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