How To Spot A Toxic Workplace Before Taking The Job.


Finding a good workplace is really important for both your career and your personal growth and health. If you’ve ever found yourself working in a toxic environment, then you will surely know what we are talking about.
Researches published by the British Psychological Society indeed show that “toxic bosses” could affect negatively employees’ mood. They were found to be overly critical and aggressive. For this reason, it is really important to try to see the “red flags” before you actually land into a new job. A bad work environment can be spotted already from the interview. Take advantage of this first contact, and try to understand whether it would be a good place for you to work in.  

Here’s a list of wake up calls to help you.


It Takes A Lot Of Time To Arrange The Interview.

Everything starts in a regular way. You send your CV to the person in charge and then wait patiently.
A few days later you receive a follow-up email with some questions about your availability. But then, radio silence.
After a few weeks, you finally got some news from the HR department scheduling an interview.

This is definitely a sign that something is wrong within the company. Such a long waiting just to settle the interview is no regular procedure.



Nobody Seems To Know What’s Going On When You Arrive.

Once you get to the office for the interview you realize that nobody seems to have an idea of what you are doing there.
The team will probably try to hide it, but it’s too clear not to notice. This shows a lack of two of the most important assets in a company: organization and communication.



Lack Of Clear Office Hierarchy.

When you enter the office everybody is greeting at you but no introductions are made. So you look around you to try to understand who’s in charge but you just can’t figure it out. Could it be that they don’t really know either?
This brings a lot of confusion about who you should be talking to or who you should report to. A leader is needed in an office and roles must be clear in order to maintain an order in the workflow.



The Interview Was Way Too Fast.

You start the interview and then, after a few minutes you are already being shown the door.
Well, this could mean two things. Either you are not right for the job and they realized pretty fast or, they are not really concerned about knowing who they hire.
If you feel like you did a good job and you could be a possible candidate, then it’s probably the second. And in that case, you better run.
Finding a new member for the team is a big deal – or at least should be – for any company. They should be eager to find somebody with some specific skills and traits that can fit well with the business and the rest of the team.



There’s A Total Lack Of Organisation.

Employees are not given much instructions or schedules. This creates a lack of organisation in the workflow. Everybody seems to improvise and just try to get by with their tasks. Results are expected at a moment’s notice and hardly delivered due to this lack of planning and regulation.



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