How To Be A Recruiter’s Perfect Candidate.


Recruiter teams review thousands resumes a day, and it often happens they claim to have found what they call the ‘perfect candidate’.
They usually can feel a positive energy, something inspiring even through a simple phone call.
So they will go straight to their supervisor and start rooting for you as the best match possible for that job.

Of course this doesn’t mean that all the work is done already and that the recruiter will take over your job search and do everything for you.
Hiring processes are indeed very competitive, time intensive and emotional for everyone involved, including the recruiter. They are working with different candidates across various positions while simultaneously trying to manage their boss’ demands to make the work done. So of course as soon as they find a perfect candidate they will be really thrilled.

But how can you impress a recruiter during a short phone interview and convince him you are their unicorn?


Prepare Yourself And Don’t Leave Out Any Details.

Always remember to update your resume everytime a change in your employment history happens. You will have to tell them everything in terms of skills, past experiences, gaps and career ambitions. I know it seems a bit intrusive, but they will need to know all that’s possible in order to make sure they can present you for that position.

So, send them an updated resume if there have been any changes since the last time you spoke. As you may be asked for your work portfolio and references, better have everything prepared and ready.


Transparency Is The Key.

Building trust is one of the most important things. So avoid lying about yourself, because they will notice and most likely feel reluctant to present you as they will doubt your honesty.
I know that lying can be tempting, in order to fill the lacks in your qualification. But this won’t bring you anything good, as even ‘white lies’ can come to light. Try to impress them with other skills instead, and try make a good impression with honesty and transparency.


Show Your Motivation.

Point out why you want that role and what do you want from your professional career. Having a purpose is important for recruiters, and even if you haven’t found yours yet, you can explain the reasons why you choose one specific company or role.
Recruiters are looking for someone passionate and willing to commit, so they will be most likely to present you if you show yourself interested and proactive.


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