How to deal with Punctual People.


A truly sensitive topic here! The reason for so many discussion between couples, friends, coworkers… Unpunctual people can hardly understand why some people can be always on time an even before everywhere. On the contrary, punctual people get completely mad when someone is late and they cannot understand why people cannot better manage their time.

I must mention already that I include myself in the team of the punctual people. Actually one of those who normally arrives 5-10 minutes earlier just in case. So based on my experience, and on behalf of all the punctual people, I will reveal some secrets that we always consider before heading to any place.  


Our checklist.

It is not that we have a secret society where we hide this. Somehow, depending on our personality or experience, we learned to be like this. Just as some other people did the other way around. We have some kind of mental list that gets activated everytime we need to be somewhere at a certain time. This is how we work deeply in our brain let’s say when going for a normal situation like the office or a meeting with a friend.

1. We start getting ready not with the exact and necessary time but always with some extra.

2. We always keep in mind that something can happen. We could forget something at home, we could find traffic or any problem with the public transport.

3. We like to have the control of our time.

4. We actually don’t like to be late. We feel ‘guilty’ if we are.

5. If we arrive before, we don’t really get annoyed as we will find something to do in the meantime.

6. We understand time as a precious good.

7. We also have a feeling of accomplishment. Being on time brings us confidence. 

8. People also say that we are respectful and predictable very often. We love buffer time, being organized and realistic in our lives!

So what can we do to avoid any problem?

These are some of the best practices to avoid any bad faces when arriving somewhere late.

1. Let us know if you are going to be late. The more time you give us the better but even if it’s just a couple of minutes before, we will be able to adapt and try to use that time for something else.

2. The worst thing can happen is that we feel we lose our time. We would prefer to do something useful rather than just waiting.

3. If you are meeting a punctual person, maybe consider that in that case, you can make an effort to avoid any unpredicted situation.

4. Communication is always the key!