The terrifying situations you can experience before a job interview

We do not want to scare you with this post, but rather to tell you about real situations. They can seem simple, and easy to handle but when you are in this specific situation, everything can be terrifying.

As we all know, sometimes, we just have a bad day. It seems like all the universe is just conspiring against us and the only thing you want is to go to sleep to have a new day. What if there is the big coincidence of having one of these days exactly when you have this important appointment? Hopefully, it will not happen but it is still possible.

The day has come. You have been invited for a face to face interview for that position that you have been waiting for a while. Probably you went to sleep early to have a fresh clean face today and always with the intention of shining since the first minute, causing a good first impression.

Let us present you here some unexpected situations that you could experience. Besides, a little tip to reduce the possibilities of facing these terrifying moments:

  1. You went to sleep earlier but you did not manage to wake up on time. If you arrive late to the interview, it will be like sticking a note in your front saying: Do not hire me.Instead of this, try to set at least a couple of alarms and put your phone somewhere not easily reachable. By doing this, you will force yourself to stand up to turn off the alarm.
  2. If you manage to wake up on time, next step you are thinking about is having a complete breakfast that will avoid you to have strange noises coming from your stomach during the interview. Do not get dressed before you finish your breakfast. Try to eat something complete but light at the same time. Do not go from one extreme to the other. You do not have to feel completely full but satisfied for a couple of hours.
  3. Choosing your clothes. For a lot of people, this can really take a while. If you have to leave soon, try to choose something neutral and business casual.Our best advice here is that you leave it prepared before you go to sleep. By doing this you will avoid any stressed situation if you suddenly do not find that dress, those pants or the watch you wanted to wear.
  4. Another terrifying situation can happen when it comes to choosing the way you will get to the place where the interview will take place. It is very common in recruitment to receive calls from candidates to say that they will be late because of the traffic or because they could not find the place.Check all the options you have. Normally the companies offer you the best option for you but they did not, do some research the day before. Check the closest metro station, the bus line heading there or, if you take your car, make sure that you leave on time to avoid any traffic jam.
  5. A lot of people do all of the previous things very right. They arrive half an hour earlier and they decide to go for a coffee to a bar nearby. If you have this idea, remember that hot coffee + white/clear clothes is not a good combination. They feel attraction for each other, so simply do not let them be together.Coffee can also activate you and make you nervous during the interview. Think about your alternatives. Tea, water, juice… Consider also to drink it carefully. Why not using a straw?
  6. Although it can be a very small detail, please check the weather. It happened to me personally. Heavy rain does not forgive you. Even if you have just 5 min from the car to the company or from the metro and you are not prepared, you will arrive completely wet.Check the weather in advance and get ready for an unexpected problem with the weather.
  7. The time has come. But… wait… too much coffee. Maybe you should consider going to the bathroom for a quick check of your necessities. Even if you do not think you need it, you don’t know how long the interview will take.

If you overcome these 6 possible situations, then the rest is up to you. As a general rule, try to avoid any specific risk during that day. Of course, much more can happen, and probably more terrifying than our examples. If something really unexpected happens then try to keep calm and see how to solve it. Do you remember something that happened to you? Any terrifying story out there?!