It is almost here. Probably some people have asked you the same question during these days. What will you do on Halloween? Do you have any plan? Maybe you are actually asking yourself the same. What do I do on Tuesday evening and on a free Wednesday?

We would like to present you here some of the best events to have a Halloween to remember in Barcelona.

Halloween Party at Poble Espanyol

Attractions and related decoration will invade the area of Poble Espanyol on Wednesday from 5 pm. Face painting, costumes, trick or treat… and 100 dancing zombies. If you are looking for a local party this is your event.


Castanyes (roasted chestnuts) is perhaps the most famous food to be found in Barcelona around the time of All Saints Day. It is very common to find vendors in the street with a small shop where people queue for getting some roasted chestnuts in a newspaper. You definitely have to try it.

Somoslas: Night of the dead

Apolo’s gay-friendly indie party celebrates Halloween with skulls, ghosts, skeletons and corpses. Electro-pop music in a party where you can get in free before 1:30 wearing a costume.

Cinema and Supper at Polaroid Bar

Have you been to Polaroid Bar? This little bar in Gothic continues its tradition. Every Sunday at 9 pm you can join and enjoy a hot dog/nachos con guacamole + drink + popcorn for only 5 €. The schedule for November is Halloween’ (Nov 1), ‘Scream’ (Nov 8), ‘Friday the 13th’ (Nov 15), ‘The Blair Witch Project’ (Nov 22) and ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ (Nov 29).

Mini Dirty Razzlloween

The famous club in Barcelona has also its special event to welcome this party and all the people who want to celebrate it with them. Dressing up Festival with different surprises along the night.

Red Bull Autos Locos

Do you feel like doing something different this year? Do you have some building / mechanical skills to show? Then put all your creativity to work and build your own car. Head up Montjuïc and get ready for a crazy experience going down the mountain with other people. If you don’t want to participate, just join the public.

Ruta de Los altares

If you are looking for a more traditional Mexican Halloween, or El Día de Los Muertos, you should follow
It has been created an Alter Route around the city. It consists in 30 altars and it has a very deep meaning in the Mexican culture. It is a faith act that reminds the importance of keeping alive the spirit of those who are not between us anymore.

Movies to watch

Maybe you just prefer to get together with someone you want and have a cozy night watching a couple of good movies + popcorn under the blanket. Here you can find some recommendations of the best classics and also some of the newest ones:

Spooky Tours

A very good idea as well is to do a Spooky Tour to discover the ghosts and myths of the city. You can find several and you can discover a lot of secrets that Barcelona is keeping.