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Blu can be your partner for multilingual projects, international recruitment needs, entry-level or executives. Are you looking to recruit a German Customer Service Agent (or 20!), an Italian Finance Manager, a French Helpdesk Rep, an IT Project Manager, a Dutch Payroll Associate, a Flemish Sales Executive or a Spanish Marketing Manager? We cover you, just tell us about what you need. We specialise in connecting candidates with multinational companies like BPO’s, International Shared Service Centers, Global Business Hubs, Coworking Centers, IT or Finance start-ups based across Europe.

We are not the same.

There’s nothing uptight about us. We are professional, driven and all that, but we also are culture-and-fun-oriented, having each other’s back and more than happy to join you at your next after-work to have a chat and learn more about your team. We may not be the pioneers of the recruitment industry but we are service-and-solution-oriented working with our partners towards the same goal. Coming from different backgrounds and expertise, we are all ready to change the international recruitment scene, as it should be. Positive revolutionary vibes only.

We value recruitment.




Nothing shady from our side.

Our communication is clear and consistent. We always keep you up-to-date with any changes or doubts regarding the ongoing processes and expect the same from our partners. Transparency is the key.


Been there done that.

We come from different backgrounds but ultimately became experts in recruitment. We follow industry trends, deepening our market knowledge and learn new technologies to deliver you the best advice and results.


Numbers only matter after the solution.

We are so much more than CVs, so are our candidates. We prioritize giving quality service to both our clients and candidates by assessing their needs and preferences in the first place. No shortcuts. Quality solutions follow that.

We add some blu to your recruitment process.


There's no time to lose.

Thanks to conducting strong job qualifications at the very first step of our workflow, we will not be ending up overload you with hundreds of CVs per week. We know, ain’t nobody got time for that. We want to get back to you with fully qualified and prepared candidates. Leave the rest to us.

It's all about the service.

We prioritize your time-sensitive positions while always building the pipeline for your future openings. We are active, proactive and therefore, productive. You can always count on us for being available, responsive and all about delivering you the fast and quality solutions.

We're adaptive as a tailor.

Our main objective is to understand you and what exactly you are looking for. Accordingly, we tailor our models to your business needs, re-asses the processes to see how we can do it better for you and ensure an agile process and efficient communication at every step.

Sustainable Recruitment is about candidate experience.

Here comes a fact: candidate’s recruitment experience will influence the offer that candidate will eventually take. All the effort and resources you have invested in creating a great candidate experience is only meaningful if your recruitment partner is able to offer the same. In Blu Selection, we value understanding our candidates as fellow expats, prioritise their needs and care about the overall recruitment process they experience. We invite them to #makethebluexperience and their reviews show how gratefully they do it.

Survive Le M.
Blu selection and Audrey especially have been incredible during the all process.She was super reactive and always had great advices! She was disponible and really did her best for the process to be successful.Being in the recruitment process is a stressful period and it takes a lot of time but she did her best for it to be as quick as possible and to give me almost daily updates on the situation.I am super grateful for this service and definitely recommend it.
emilie W.
Thank you Audrey for your time, professionalism, reactivity and kindness during the whole recruitment process. Really appreciated it!
Thibault D.
Excellent agency, very professional. Marie followed my application from the beginning and she was exceptional during all the process. I recommend !
Klaas L.
The best recruiter I've ever had in my whole working life!
Luana F.
Had a really great experience with Elinore! If you are hesitating, don’t!! I definitely recommend, they are so helpful and are there for you through every step of the process.
Sa C.
Velvet and Marie are very helpful and professional.They helped me to get my Job! Thanks a lot
Ornela Sandra U.
I had such a good experience with Marie Wittke, she is the best and most proffesional recruiter i have encoutered. she is very well spoken and very nice. i hope that everybody that wants work goes thru her.
Raphaël B.
Elinore has been great all the hiring process. Very reactive and always available.
tan E.
Every bit of the experince with Blu (with Marie in my instance) was great. Proffesional, always concerned and interested. One of the best HR experiences you can get.
Dolores C.
I was contacted the day after my application. The interview was pleasant, rigorous and professional. We're giving me different job offer, that I thought were perfect for me. I was followed by the same agent from the start. I didn't feel alone with any process during my journey through all the job interviews and all the tests.Elinore Called me and sent me email everyday to assist me and make sure I was comfortable.I got the job!Thanks to the Blu Selection team, and a special thanks to Elinore S. E. to have been so supportive and responsive.




One of our goals is to be knowledgeable about our partners’ business and culture. We go out of our way to make the best impression of your company to our candidates to make sure of having a positive market representation of you next to our name. So what do you think?

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