If you are someone who likes to plan things in advance, you are probably already thinking about the upcoming events in Barcelona in 2018. It is right here, and now is the perfect moment to evaluate the things that went well this year and also to think about those that you would like to change.

It is also a perfect moment to start planning some activities, holidays and to check the coming events. Sometimes buying tickets in advance for concerts or special occasions can make you save up to 70% of the final price.


  1. Cabalgata de Reyes Magos Barcelona 2018

When –  5th of January

Where –  It starts at 18h at Ciutadella Park and it goes through different streets until Montjuic Fonts. Best streets to watch it are Passeig d’Isabel II, Via Laietana, Urquinaona, Fontanella, Plaça Catalunya, Pelai, Plaça Universitat, Sepúlveda and Plaça Espanya. 

What – As a very old tradition in Spain, the Three Magic Kings are coming to bring some present to the kids who were good during the year. Melchor, the one with the long white beard; Gaspar, the blonde one; And Baltasar, the black Magic King.

They all arrived in Barcelona by boat on the 5th of January to start their mission when all kids go to sleep.


  1. Cursa de Sant Antoni 2018 – Barcelona

When – 21st of January

Where –  Sant Antoni Neighbourhood. 

What – 39th edition of a very important athletic competition consisting in a 10 km run. For more information, visit www.cursasantantoni.cat


  1. Carnaval de Barcelona 2018

When – 8th-14th of February

Where –  Each neighbourhood has its own activities.

What – The first day, there is a huge street event called ‘’Pasacalle de los Siete Embajadores’’. The Gothic Quarter will open officially from the City Hall, the following 7 days of party and excesses.

Saturday evening, most of the activities are concentrated and locals are using all their creativity to have fun in the streets with customs.

Next day, the popular ‘’Taronjada’’ takes place in the city. A real battle with confetti and orange balloons.


  1. Maratón de Barcelona 2018

When – 11th of March 

Where –  Barcelona

What – 40th edition of the Zurich Marató de Barcelona. 42 km on an urban circuit. One of the most important in Europe due to its high volume of participants and with more than half of them as foreign people. A lot of famous international runners are always joining to this remarkable event.


  1. Día de Sant Jordi 2018 

When – 23rd of April 

Where –  Barcelona

What – ‘’Día de San Jorge’’ it is an important date for many different countries as England, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria… In Catalonia, the tradition says that you have to offer books and roses as a present between you and your most loved people. A beautiful tradition that turns the city in a very intense and colourful day. Definitely you cannot miss it.


  1. Primavera Sound 2018 Barcelona

When – 30th of May

Where –  Fòrum

What – Music Festival offering a mix of new independent artist with famous singers from different music genders and styles. It aims for pop, rock, electronic and underground.


  1. Barcelona Pride 2018

When – 23rd-30th of June

Where –  Barcelona 

What – The city wears the rainbow colours to celebrate the Gay Pride or the also called Mediterranean Pride. For more information visit the official website www.pridebarcelona.org


  1. Festival Cruïlla 2018 Barcelona

When – 13th of July 

Where –  Barcelona 

What – A new edition of the popular Cruïlla Summer Festival bringing best independent music bands with all kind of artists. Tickets are already available on www.cruillabarcelona.com


  1. Fiestas de la Mercè 2018 Barcelona

When – 21st of September

Where –  Barcelona

What – The most popular local celebration is always happening together with hundreds of activities and events mixing culture and tradition. Wine, fire shows, concerts, food, street events… a full experience waiting for you to join.


  1. Much more

Barcelona has a strong music influence attracting international artists. On 2018, famous singers as the following will play in the Mediterranean city:

Lady Gaga – Pastora Soler – Jorge Dexter – Metallica – Natalia Lafourcade – Rozalén – Viva Suecia – Sidecars – El Barrio – Roger Waters – Fito y Fitipaldis – Vestusta Morla

And much more are still pending to confirm.

These are what we consider 10 important dates or events that you should keep in mind to plan a great 2018. We will keep you updated during the year about new activities and plans in the city. Remember to #makethebluexperience !