Carnival is a very important Celebration is some countries like Italy or Brazil. Thousands of people have holidays in this period and they enjoy dancing and living this time as one of the most important celebrations of the year.
The pagan tradition has been changing a lot since its origins and nowadays everyone recognizes the Carnival period as a time of happiness, parties, music and costumes.

The biggest Carnival celebration in Spain takes place in the Canary Islands with the ‘Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife’. It has been declared the second most important in the world just behind the glamorous Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro.


The best Carnival party nearby Barcelona – Carnaval de Sitges 2018

Sitges Carnaval

More than 250.000 people attending between the 8th – 15th of February. Get ready to live an authentic Mediterranean experience in this street party where everyone is bringing the best attitude. Take a look at the full schedule here Sitges Carnaval 2018


Costumes Ideas

Costume Ideas

Option A) The DIY


Budget: 5-20€

Where: Combine these two stores: Primark + Tiger

How: If you are like me and you only get ready for it at the last moment, go and visit Primark to get some cheap clothes that you can easily modify only for this occasion. To customize your outfit, go to one of the Tiger Stores among the streets of Barcelona to get some complements. Easy, cheap and fast.


Option B) The Conventional


Budget: 20-30€

Where: The stores Party Fiesta.

How: If you want to find a perfect costume in everything ready this is your place. They have a lot of options that you can buy already prepared with all its accessories in the same package.


Option C) The Pro


Budget: >30€

Where: Specialized stores

How: There are a few stores in the city specially prepared for this kind of events. They offer very real costumes. If you really want to impress people and be the center of all attention this would be definitely your option.



Get some inspiration

Ideas Costume Carnival

If you are feeling creative and want to spend some time to find a different option this year, take a look at these websites where you can find inspiration:

Pinterest –

Funny ideas –

Simple ideas –

Movie + Series lovers –

For Groups –

For Couples –


We hope these ideas will help you to rock this Carnival. Remember sometimes simplicity wins and don’t be afraid to wear a funny costume. It is time to celebrate! It is time to #makethebluexperience