We are sure you have experienced the feeling. You are hired in a new company and the first days everything is new. The people, the building, the atmosphere, the names, the way of doing things… Basically a lot of information that you need to process as soon as possible.

We have prepared a list of thing you have to consider when you see yourself in this situation to help you during your integration:

  1. Be yourself: Do not try to be somebody else. If you do this you will never be able to stay ‘acting’ for a long time. Be real and authentic. It is always better than your colleagues and team know you from the beginning. Of course it is not necessary to share your whole life with them but definitely, do not try to be a fake version of yourself.
  2. Stay humble: This is probably one of the best things you can do at the beginning and for the rest of your time within a company. Try not to be arrogant and remember that especially during the first days, people around you will know much more than you do about the company.
  3. Observe and ask: It is the perfect moment for you to ask all you do not understand. Follow this rule: If there is something not completely clear for you, ask for help. It is always better that you understand the basics from the beginning. If you keep repeating a mistake since the beginning, it will be more difficult to correct it later. Besides, remember that observation is vital for your learning and it will help you to better understand the company rules and rhythm.
  4. Absorb the company culture: Your education, experience and skills are great and probably a big part of the reason why you have been hired for your new job. However, if you want to put some glue around all of this, we recommend you to make an effort to understand the company culture and its values. The personality and the attitude you will have at the beginning will be essential to see if you fit in the company. People will talk about it and they will ‘test’ you to see if you really have similar values to contribute keeping and improving this.
  5. Do not be unoccupied: It is also common that at the beginning the companies do not give you a big amount of work to make your integration softer and easier to assimilate all the information. This can usually bring some moments of: -What do I do now? The best you can do is offer your help and keep applying the previous advices. Look around and find someone who needs your help. There will be always something to do.

There are much more advices we could give you but we believe if you follow these basic rules, everything should be fine. If for any reason it does not, always the best you can do is to communicate your problems to the person in charge. It is not bad to speak about your feelings and impressions. Open communication always brings solutions.

Memorize these 5 rules, write them on a piece of paper if necessary and go out there to show the best of the real you.