This short but special post goes to all of you who started a new challenge this year that is about to end in a few days.

There are many different ways to understand what is a challenge. This is something relative. We want to congratulate all of you just for facing your own personal challenges every day.

Working in Recruitment we constantly meet new people. Each one having a specific and personal story. There are people taking the step of going abroad and changing their life while leaving everything behind, including families and friends and we know that this is not easy.

A lot of people is also taking a decision of changing their career for personal interior motivations or just looking for a better future for their families or for their selves.

This takes courage and we know it. This is why we are happy to work in this industry because we understand our responsibility and we want to keep doing our best to support you with your dreams and personal challenges.

The most important thing and our best advice for 2018 is that you keep this brave attitude. Never stop following the feelings inside of you.


Either if you reached your goals this year or if you are still working on it,


Our most sincere congratulations.


Blu Team