“By 2050, plastic in the oceans will outweigh fish, predicts a report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, in partnership with the World Economic Forum”. Time to change our behavior now!

Recently you can read it everywhere in the world wide web that plastic waste is a huge thread for our environment and that by 2050 our beautiful oceans will have turned into a huge pool of plastic waste. 

So we were thinking what we as a company can do to reduce our plastic waste?


Analysing our habits

At Blu Selection we are providing water for the whole team. So we were used to buying a big amount of plastic bottles for the team as the tap water in Barcelona has a strong taste of chlorine. On an average day, we were consuming at least 15 – 20 bottles of water. We had the feeling we were producing way too much plastic waste for being a small start-up company and wanted to change that.

TappWatter Blu Selection plastic

Searching for solutions

Being aware of what we were doing wrong was the beginning of an intense search for more environmentally friendly solutions. Comparing the options we found, we decided in the end to join the #tapprevolution, a Barcelona-based startup company who to “Empower people to easily get clean and healthy water from the tap, with a minimum environmental impact.”

TappWatter Blu Selection team


The idea is simple:

You buy the Tapp1 filter of the company and subscribe to an annual plan to have 3 filters to change them every 3 months. The filter comes with an adapter and you can easily install it directly on your tap. The Granular Activated Carbon in the filter is an organic, natural and sustainable material which is filtering at least 70 chemicals and reduces more than 50 other while healthy minerals remain.

TappWatter Blu Selection tapp1

The impact it has

At the beginning, we had to convince some team members to show them that the water is really drinkable now. But the result speaks for itself. The water is very soft and has no chlorine taste at all. We bought additionally some customized reusable bottles to not have to run all the time to the tap to refill the glass of water.

TappWatter Blu Selection


We want to encourage other companies to join the #tapprevolution as well. The afford is small and the impact can be huge. If we all start avoiding the use of plastic bottles we still can stop this process of turning our oceans into a huge plastic bin by 2050.