6 TED Talks To Watch As A Fresh Graduate.


So here you are. You have just graduated, finally finished your studies and got your diploma. What about now? You have been waiting for this moment for so much but now that it’s come you’re not sure whether you should scream for happiness or start panicking. Life as a student was pretty stressful. Studying for exams, classes every day, preparing your final thesis etc.. Now all that is gone. It’s the time when life gets real. Now you need to decide what you are going to do with your life, make choices. And these choices will be some of the most important in your life. As long as you were at school everything was fine. You knew what your goal was, you had an objective. A sudden lack of purpose could make you feel lost. Be strong. Don’t be scared of taking some time for yourself. You can take some time to think about yourself, your dreams and what you have achieved.

 Here’s a list of the best Ted Talks you should watch as a fresh graduate.


Matt Cutts – Try Something New For 30 Days.

Matt Cutts has a short but really inspirational TED Talk on how to accomplish your goals. According to the head of Google’s Webspam Team, if you change your behavior for 30 days you might just be able to change your life. Try with small sustainable changes, they are more likely to stick. Give it a shot, 30 days are going to pass, whether you like it or not.  Watch the video.

Brene Brown – The Power Of Vulnerability.

Researcher Brene Brown’s TED Talk is one of the most seen ever. For the purpose of understanding vulnerability in dept, she conducted a massive research. He indeed interviewed people on their own story. From all that she got one of the most illuminating truths, that is how our darkest and weakest moments actually turn out to be the most powerful. Watch the video.

Meg Jay – Why 30 is not the new 20.

Clinical psychologist Meg Ryan destroyed the popular belief that sees twentysomethings as free spirits who can do whatever they want regardless of responsibilities. According to Ryan, you should rather see your 20s as some of the most formative years of your life and take advantage of it.
Whatever you want to change about your life, now is the time to change it. In other words, these are the times to educate yourself.

Watch the video.


Elizabeth Gilbert – Success, Failure And The Drive To Keep Writing.

Elizabeth’s TED Talk demonstrates you will never be successful enough to not fear failure. Despite her huge success with the best-seller Eat, Pray, Love, she was still feeling insecure when she found herself writing a new novel. She thought she would never meet the expectations. However, the important thing is being able to escape fear. Find ‘your way home’ and keep doing what you love. Watch the video. 

Emilie Wapnick – Why Some Of Us Don’t Have One True Calling.

What do you want to be when you grow up? This could maybe be one of the most common questions in the whole world. Emilie Wapnick refuses the idea that we were all born with just one calling.  She rather believes in “multipotentialites”. Specifically, those people who have a number of different interests and jobs, rather than a “one and only”. Not being able to stick with the same thing forever is not necessarily a bad thing. Watch the video.

Scott Dinsmore – How To Find And Do Work You Love.

Scott Dinsmore has an illuminating revelation regarding his own experience with his career. He was working in a company and was not really liking his job, but he didn’t’ want to leave it because he thought it would be good for his resume. At least that’s what everybody said. One day he realized he was wasting his life doing something he disliked. Consequently, he left his job and began investigating other people’s experiences. He interviewed them about their work and careers, focusing especially on people who had built careers they loved doing work that they would do whether they were paid or not. He realized he was really making a difference in many people’s lives and decided to give birth to a foundation called “Live Your Legend”. Eventually, he spent the rest of his life helping people to follow their dreams. Dinsmore then died in 2015 while traveling around the world, but he now lives through his foundation and ideas.
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