Choose the right clothes

Clothes made from a breathable material such as cotton, linen or microfiber will make you feel more comfortable while sitting in the office. Also, change your wet clothes when you arrive at the office if possible.

Eat light

Avoid eating spicy or heavy food during lunch break as it will make you feel heavy and tired and it will impact your productivity in the afternoon. Sweet, bitter, astringent foods such as avocados, cherries or green beans are the ones to go for.

Avoid ice cold drinks

Nothing is better than an ice-cold drink during hot days, isn`t it? Well, actually it is not. When you drink cold beverages, your blood vessels shrink, your digestion becomes restricted, and hydration is hindered. Especially when you are having cold drinks while eating the low temperature of your drink solidifies fats from the foods you’ve just eaten, and the body in turn finds it hard to digest the unwanted fats from your body. Better order drinks without ice cubes while eating.

Stay hydrated

There is the rule of thumb saying that you should drink a minimum of 2 liters of water per day. Especially during the summer months, you should stay hydrated in the office. Once you get the feeling of being thirsty it is already too later. You should drink several glasses during the day to ensure that your body is well hydrated.           Be careful with coffee…it will make you sweat and you will have to drink even more afterward.

Refresh your forearms

Most of us don`t have a shower in the office to have a quick refreshment during the day. However, you could go for a few minutes to the bathroom and hold your forearms under cool water. Also feel free to put some of this water in your face. It will refresh you immediately and giving you back some energy.

Get an ice cream

Buy yourself and your colleagues an ice-cream. I am sure they will appreciate it 😊 It can be a great motivator after finishing some intensive or difficult tasks to reward yourself or your colleagues with a tasty ice cream.

Buy a hand-fan (Abanicos)

They look nice, are environmentally friendly and will help you to keep a cool head during the summer months.

Start earlier

In case your contract allows it, you should try to start earlier during these months so that you can finish work when it gets too hot outside. The temperature in the morning is lower and you will be more efficient and productive. The later the day, the higher the temperature and you won`t have the same energy you used to have in the mornings.