Have you ever been living and working abroad?

If this is your case, you are going to understand a lot from what I have to say with this post. If it isn’t you better keep reading because you might change your mind about some aspects that you learn when you have the experience of living and working abroad.

If you haven’t had this opportunity yet, at least I am sure you have a friend who knows a friend who says that… We all know someone. In my case, it is me myself. As you, I heard a lot of stories about this. But I had to experience it by myself to understand it properly.

Lesson 1 – Trust in people.

When you leave your comfort zone, your friends, your family… the first thing you will notice is that everyone around you is a complete stranger. You can have your barrier on but at some point, you will have to learn to trust people from an earlier point.
There are very good people out there, always willing to help you. From my point of view, and luckily for all of us, still the majority.

Just remember there is also another group of people who will try to take advantage of you. Perfect moment for you as well to develop this sense.

Lesson 2 – You change.

During your experience abroad you will try new things and you will have the opportunity to experience new situations.
It is a perfect time to know yourself. Just never forget the basics of your education, respect and modals. There are things that we all have to experience at some point but what matters at the end is the way we react.

It is very important that you stay open-minded and loyal to your values at the same time.

Lesson 3 – You will have to take risks.

Another thing that I have learned is that you are exposed to different risks. Not because they were not there before but rather because you were not the decision maker before. Opening a bank account, signing an accommodation contract and more situations where you actually need to take a bit of a risk.

Lesson 4 – Your Geographical Knowledge gets challenged.

I met so many people from so many different countries… even from places that I actually forgot where to place them on the map. This is FABULOUS. Of course, not the fact that I could not find those countries on the map, that was embarrassing, but the network and the things you will learn from these people. I must admit it can be a challenge as well when you need to agree on something, a lot of differences can affect to the way you and they think, but that is ok, you will have great discussions because of this!

Lesson 5 – You get tolerant, that is a must.

When you go abroad and you have to live and work in a new country, there are several situations that you need to understand. If you cannot manage this need of tolerance, better stay at home and don’t leave.

Your attitude must be the right one if you want to make some friends and learn something about this world. Meeting international people will be one of the richest experiences in your life.

Would I do it again?

Yes. There are hundreds of reasons to do it again. I can easily say that going abroad is a life-changing experience. You will not always have fun or will find a nice meal on your table, however, the experiences you will have, the people you will meet, and most important, the person you will become, it is already worth it.

Europe has great opportunities waiting for you out there. What are you waiting for to find yours?