Public transport in Barcelona

May 15

When first arriving in Barcelona, everything is new. The apartment, the job, the sights, the beach, the bars and cafes but most of all, how to get to all these places. While walking is a great way of discovering and

Formal, Casual or Cozy? 12 restaurants to try in Barcelona

May 08

Barcelona is known for its weather, its architecture, its night Clubs and festivals, but it is also well-known for its food and a vast variety of restaurants. You can find more than 7000 restaurants and bars in Barcelona. We want

Public Health Care System in Barcelona, Spain

Apr 28

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” – This is one way to stay healthy while living and working abroad in Spain. Although this delicious fruit full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals can help you to

How to get a NIE number

Apr 24

Are you going to start a challenging opportunity in Spain? Are you already overwhelmed with all the documents you need? We will try to provide you with a practical guide to better understand the process of how to obtain the

Sant Jordi in Barcelona

Apr 19

There are several traditions forming the Catalan Culture. The food, the music, the drinks, the festivals, the architecture… everything together is part of a lifestyle. As every year, and as a big part of this tradition, on the 23rd of

Easter Traditions

Apr 07

”Before Easter, we paint our eggs usually boiling them into onion peel so that they become brown/Bordeaux (now you can find also the food pigment for doing this). In the Easter morning, each member of the family pick

St. Patrick’s Weekend 2017 in Barcelona

Mar 17

Do you know what Sigmund Freud said about the Irish? 

            “This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever” St. Patrick’s Day occurs annually on March

Finding Accommodation in Barcelona

Mar 14

  Which source to use when looking for an apartment/housemate? The old rules of the rental housing market are getting evicted. We live in the digital age where most of our queries can be answered at the click of a

The Blu Experience

Feb 23

You might have recognized in the past few weeks that we started posting our vacancies and tagging them with  #makethebluexperience. The Blu Experience? What is a “Blu”? And why do I want to experience it? On this page, we would