Be smart and beat the post-vacation syndrome

Oct 02

There is something different these days… more people, more cars and bikes, some stressed faces around… it is here. The post-vacation syndrome is here. Most of the people in Spain are taking their holidays in August. This means that you

What is it like to be a recruiter in 2017?

Sep 26

What is it like to be a recruiter in 2017? Let’s start doing a quick exercise:

  1. Imagine yourself in an interview for a job (Face to face, on the phone, on Skype, it does not matter where)

Festes de la Mercè 2017

Sep 18

Festes de la Mercè Barcelona 2017 As every year, this weekend Festes de la Mercè will arrive again in Barcelona! We want you to know the meaning of this local party and what to do during the celebration.

Best parks to get lost in Barcelona

Sep 12

Of course, the park everybody knows is Ciutadella Park. This ‘green lung’ is located in the center of Barcelona. Very good for an afternoon of relaxing with a picnic and long walk in the park, you even have

What is happening in September in Barcelona

Sep 04

Officially, the 22nd of September will be the date when the Autumn starts. This means that the summer is going to end very soon. Luckily, if you are living in Barcelona, you probably know that we will have a longer

Why do we feel exhausted? Some ways to overcome malaise

Aug 28

In our modern society, we, as humans, have done some incredibly innovative things and have shaped our world to the world we know today. As great and impressive some of our evolutions might be, we must face the downsides arising

Consider these 5 things when starting a new job

Aug 21

We are sure you have experienced the feeling. You are hired in a new company and the first days everything is new. The people, the building, the atmosphere, the names, the way of doing things… Basically a lot of information

11 curious facts about Barcelona

Aug 14

Barcelona is one of the most famous and visited cities in Europe and it is well known for some buildings or facts around its culture, history or current situation. But… there are some curiosities that perhaps you don’t know about

What does “professional” actually mean?

Aug 07

When you start working you hear the work “professional” a lot. “It’s a professional environment.” “Thank you for your professionalism.” “That’s not professional!” “Please dress professionally.” “He’s so unprofessional!” What does “professional” actually mean? Is it

Why did I choose to live & work in Barcelona?

Jul 31

I am 25 and I moved from Denmark to Barcelona a year ago. This attractive city is a great option for many of us. We come to Barcelona for work, internship or study reasons. In my case, I decided to